2021 Song Draft- Round 2 Pick 4- ‘Dimming Of The Day’- Richard And Linda Thompson.

Song singles draft Round 2 pick 4, Thursday, July 22, 2021

“Dimming of the Day”

“Dimming of the Day” is a song written by Richard Thompson and performed with his then-wife Linda Thompson on their 1975 album “Pour Down Like Silver.” The first time I heard the song it was sung by Bonnie Raitt on her 1994 released album, “Longing in Their Hearts.”

It’s been covered by several others, including the Corrs, Mary Black, Emmylou Harris, AlfieBoe, Blind Boys of Alabama, The Lasses, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, David Gilmour,Gerard van Maasakkers, Tom Jones, Alison Krauss & Union Station, and Anastasia Barzee.

Songfacts says, “The couple had adopted the Sufi faith the previous year and subsequently moved into a commune in London. The songs on Pour Down Like Silver reflected their new faith and this song is an example of Thompson writing in a centuries old Sufic tradition of expressing divine love in earthly terms. Though it was sung by Linda on the album, Richard Thompson has continued to feature the tune in his own live shows for many years, which indicates the song’s deep personal significance.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better collaboration of melody and lyrics. The acoustic guitar accompaniment is perfect. The harmonies on both versions are exquisite. There really isn’t alot more to say about the song as it speaks for itself. The minimalist love song is one of my favorite styles of listening; it’s music that gets to the heart and soul in a gentle way. There isan intimacy to it that is difficult to share in a public forum, but I’m willing to risk it to get the music out there for those who haven’t heard this tune before.

First, the Richard and Linda Thompson version. This youtube has a 2nd song on it, but this is the best version I found, from the “Pour Down Like Silver” album


Here is the Bonnie Raitt version



  1. very nice! First time I’ve heard it, though I was very vaguely familiar with Bonnie’s version. I’ve heard Richard Thompson’s name quite a bit but don’t really know his stuff. I kind of thought he was more an avant garde Eno/David Byrne sort but it’s possible I have him mixed up with someone else

  2. This song by the Thompsons was on my list of possible draft picks. I’m very glad to see it make the draft, and to know someone else appreciates it like I do. I first heard it in the movie Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, which used the Thompsons’ vergion. I didn’t care for the movie at all, but this song made an immediate, unforgettable impact on me. I went searching for it and found several of the other versions you mentioned. My fave covers are David Gilmour, Mary Black, and AKUS. But only David’s truly comes close to the Thompsons, imo. I’m NOT a Raitt fan, so I’ll stop there and keep it positive. :p Wonderful, wonderful song pick.

  3. A beautiful, soothing song Lisa. I’m somewhat familiar with Richard & Linda Thompson, but haven’t heard much of their music. From my youth until only about 10 years ago, I was mostly a singles guy (other than for those artists I really got into for one reason or another), and if I didn’t hear a song or artist on the radio, I didn’t know about it or them. Pretty sad for an eclectic music lover…

    • I randomly heard Richard Thompson when a friend sent me a mix CD with 1952 Vincent Black Lightning and I’ve been hooked ever since. He also played in a band called Fairport Convention. Glad you like the song, Jeff.

  4. Richard and Linda Thompson are not talked about enough…Lisa I’m glad you highlighted them. I’ve heard Richard more but this is great…great pick Lisa!

  5. Well…color me embarrassed. I appear to be the only one that has never heard of Linda & Richard. It’s a very pretty song. Thanks for the introduction.

    On the heels of that, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio sings?

  6. I am familiar with the Bonnie version, vaguely. I have never heard of these two. It is a very pretty melody and I like the guitar work in it. I think this is what I love about the song draft – I am hearing songs and artists I am unfamiliar with. Thanks for picking this one.

    • Sorry for the late response. So happy to have introduced you to Richard and Linda Thompson. They are worth further exploration, both together as well as Richard in Fairport Convention and his solo work. I agree about the song draft. And you are most welcome. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Keith.

  7. Beautiful song Lisa. Thanks for sharing. I was not familiar with this song – knew some of their songs from Shoot out the Lights. But upon hearing it it sounded familiar and I think I have heard Richard Thompson perform it either on a live album or the one time I saw him live. He “opened” for Lucinda Williams once – that was a great show!

    • Paul, sorry for the late response! So awesome you were able to see him live! I would love to see him play in a small dinner theater with front row seats. Happy you know his work and enjoy his music. You are welcome and thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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