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2021 Song Draft- Round 1 Recap-

Round 1 of the Song Draft is now in the books- it will be a ten round draft- Round 2 will start tomorrow.

Round 1

1- Music City Mike- ‘Born To Run’- Bruce Springsteen

2- Aphoristical- ‘Expensive Shit’- Fela Kufi

3- Hinoeuma- ‘ There Goes My Baby’- The Drifters

4- Eclectic Music Lover- ‘Nature Boy’- Nat ‘King’ Cole

5- Msjadeli -‘Gardinia’- Iggy Pop

6- Cincinnati Babyhead- ‘Gloria’- Them

7- Badfinger20 – ‘Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out’- Bessie Smith

8- A Sound Day- ”Driver 8′- R.E.M.

9- Mike And Paul’s Music Blog- ‘ Cruel To Be Kind’- Nick Lowe

10- ‘Run-Sew-Read- ‘Better Man’- Pearl Jam

11- ‘Nostalgic Italian- ‘Mind Over Matter’- Nolan Strong With The Diablos

12- Hanspostcard- ‘This Land Is Your Land’- Woody Guthrie

13- Quinn Maddux’ ‘Kashmir’- Led Zeppelin

11 responses to “2021 SONG DRAFT- ROUND 1 RECAP

  1. Great idea to summarize the picks thus far, Hans. It’s an impressive and quite eclectic list!

    I guess my favorites thus far are “Born to Run”, “Gloria”, “Cruel to be Kind” and “Kashmir.” That being said, I don’t know all tunes, so my initial reaction is biased by what I know.

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