2021 Song Draft- Round 1 Pick 13- Quinn Maddux selects -“Kashmir’- Led Zeppelin.

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

Album: Physical Graffiti

Written by: John Bonham, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page

Time: 9:41

Most of my reviews of the songs will be short and matter of fact. I am not much of an audiophile like Hans is, I just know what I like to hear.

Released 24 February 1975 the song Kashmir, is in my opinion, the best song recorded by Zeppelin. For the life of me I cannot fathom why people want to hear Stairway to Heaven when you have so many better options like Kashmir or When the Levee Breaks.

This is the song that shows off the talent and skills of the group in one song. Zepp would not have worked without everyone there. Robert Plant’s vocals are always on point. Jimmy Page’s guitar work is remarkable. John Bonham’s drumming is the best there was. A small aside, make a list of the greatest rock and roll drummers. Look at your list. Is John Bonham the top of the list? If so great. If not revise your list until he is, because there is or was no one better. For me though John Paul Jones was the guy that made Zepp work so well. In this song you can hear his talent on full display. The bass work in this song is almost beyond words.

It has a distinctive sound and melody, and though the song is quite lengthy, the time disappears quickly in its sound. Everyone has heard this song, if you have not you are missing out. Take a listen when you get time.


  1. I’d rank this as my favorite Zeppelin song- with When The Levee Breaks coming in at #2. Agree with you on Bonham- he was the GOAT drummer- and Led Zeppelin did the right thing by breaking up with his passing. He could not be replaced. The Who should have done the same when Keith Moon died.

  2. No argument with this song being an early pick. Admittedly, I dismiss most of LZ’s songs for being hype over substance, but not this one. I respect their decision to stop without Bonham. I like your take on Jones’ contribution.

  3. This is the highlight of Physical Graffiti. The song is epic and plays out like a movie. Bonham and Moon were irreplaceable.

  4. Great pick. It’s definitely a tune with an epic and distinct sound.

    It’s also one of Zep’s songs that was an acquired taste for me. I think that’s also true for many of the band’s other tracks. But I’ve fully come around and nowadays, they are among my favorite rock bands.

    My no. 1 Zep pick remains Stairway, even though I can see why some folks have gotten tired of it, since it’s been overexposed. Still, I just love that tune. The build is perfect. If I ever pick up the drums, which I’m still not ruling out, I’ll try to learn Bonham’s drum part on that tune. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

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