Bruce Springsteen Bootlegs: This Land Is Your Land [Piggham] | 03 Jul 1981

Today in the Song Draft- I selected ‘This Land Is Your Land’- by Woody Guthrie. Here is a great cover by Bruce Springsteen from 1985.


  1. Might as well comment on this. Bruce caught the vibe. Dylan, Wilco, Bragg and others also rode the Woodrow train. Love Bruces version of ‘Vigilante Man’. So good. We have to keep the Guthrie flag flying. He was a just different guy but he had something going on. Uncensored to the core.

  2. One thing I’ve always liked about Bruce is that he knows how to use the power of his platform for good – here he was during the BUSA tour playing to these huge crowds and he includes covers like this to educate people about our music history, our history, etc. Sure lots of people probably went on beer runs or bathroom breaks during it, but many, including people like me, learned something new and expanded their appreciation about where we all come from

  3. New to me. It’s good to hear The Boss slow down a bit and you actually get a clearer sound of his voice. When I posted about Copland, he was singing in the background of some of the scenes. It sets a nice mood.

  4. Now Hans it’s hard to listen to the song without the intro. On his live album I got to know those intros as well as the songs.

    • No one can top Bruce for his intros- most concerts I want to hear the music not a lot of talking–but with Bruce -well he certainly plays long enough— the intros to the songs can be as great as the songs- have you seen/ listened to the Springsteen On Broadway? Its all stories/ songs- highly recommended.

    • I’ve never listened to that and I need to. It does sound interesting because he is a great storyteller.

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