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Hans Hot 100 Beatles Songs: #94: ‘Sexy Sadie.’

Countdown to this point- #100: ‘ Any Time At All’/ 99-‘ No Reply’/ 98-‘You Know My Name [Look Up The Number]/ 97- The Inner Light/ 96-‘You Won’t See Me’/ 95- ‘Baby’s In Black’/ 94- ‘Sexy Sadie.’

‘Sexy Sadie’- is one of thirteen songs from The Beatles double album- aka The White Album to make the Hot 100. The Lennon-McCartney song was written in India during The Beatles stay with the Maharishi- by John. It was originally going to be called “Maharishi’ John and others had heard rumours that maybe the Maharishi wasn’t as spiritual as he claimed- that he was making passes at the women in attendance -namely actress Mia Farrow [ What would Frank had done?] When The Beatles were back in England and finalizing the album up- George Harrison insisted to John that the title be changed from ‘Maharishi’- and for once John gave in- so ‘Sexy Sadie’ it is.

5 responses to “HANS HOT 100 BEATLES SONGS: #94: ‘SEXY SADIE’

  1. This one has always been a favorite of mine from that album. This and Dear Prudence. The melody in this is soooo Beatles.
    I had no clue it made the top 100.

    I wonder if Magic Alex started that rumor to get them out of there?

  2. Charles Manson was enamored with the White Album and began calling one of his right-hand women, Susan Atkins, “Sexy Sadie.” She would go on to participate in the infamous Manson clan murders.

    • I was going to mention that but thought I’d leave that out- not a problem bringing it up though- –

  3. In the back of my mind, I can’t help but think there is connection between “Sexy Sadie” being handsy and Dear Prudence shutting herself in her room. Maybe it wasn’t about her getting into meditation at all. I know if someone who was the “head guru” was trying to hurt me I’d shut myself in a room until I could get away from him also.

  4. When I purchased this album back in the day I thought it to be groundbreaking. Ten years after that, I like only a few songs. Now, 50 years later, and listening to it not long ago, I found it to be experimental pap. I am a Beatles fan, and have all their disc, even the first one released in Britain. Sexy Sadie inspired Manson, and this album will forever be tied to the evil he produced. Abby Road; much better. Sgt. Pepper; better than all of them. Rubber Soul; when the Beatles grew up.

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