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Hans Hot 100 Beatles Songs: #96: ‘You Won’t See Me’

So far on the Hans Hot 100 Beatles Countdown we have 100- ‘Any Time At All’/ 99- ‘No Reply’/ 98-‘ You Know My Name [Look Up The Number]/ 97- ‘The Inner Light’ and now at 96- ‘You Won’t See Me’

‘You Won’t See Me’ a Lennon-McCartney song- written by Paul is one of eight songs from 1965’s breakthrough album Rubber Soul to make the Hot 100. The song was written about Paul’s relationship with actress Jane Asher. Jane apparently wasn’t answering poor Paul’s phone calls. Jane had her own life- and when ‘You Won’t See Me’ was recorded she was playing the title role in the play Cleo in Bristol. Paul wrote a lot of pretty good songs-inspired by his frustrations in that relationship. For me money my favorite Beatles girl-has always been Jane.

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4 responses to “HANS HOT 100 BEATLES SONGS: #96: ‘YOU WON’T SEE ME’

  1. A very under-rated song.
    You would think he would have wanted someone like that…totally unaffected by his stardom because she was a star herself.

    • I think Paul wanted someone who would sacrifice their career- or plans- to be with him all the time. She didn’t seem to want to do that– but you would think- she wouldn’t have been affected at all by his being a Beatle.

    • I admire her because she will not talk about any of that time period….I mean she doesn’t need the money but I would think someone would pay a king’s ransom for those details.

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