What Awaits Film Lovers This Summer

2021 Movie Draft- The Final Countdown.

A special shout out to The Hinoeuma aka Vic- for keeping track of all these picks!

I hope this draft which has taken nearly six months to complete -has turned you on to some movies that they haven’t previously seen. I know I will have a copy of this list and will be chipping away at the list- especially in the late fall and winter months- that will be here before we know it / or want it.

Movies From The Draft Picks

Round One

  1. Detour (Crime/Film Noir by Edgar G. Ulmer) Ghost Dog/Benn
  2. Paterson ( by Jim Jarmusch) Music City/Mike
  3. The Last Temptation of Christ (Drama/Mystery by Martin Scorsese) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  4. Half Nelson (Drama/Mystery by Ryan Fleck) Reely/Bernie
  5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Movie Series by Peter Jackson) Hanspostcard/Ron
  6. Hereafter (Drama/Mystery by Clint Eastwood) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  7. Moneyball (Documentary/Sports Film by Bennett Miller) A Sound Day/Dave
  8. Shawshank Redemption (Drama/Mystery by Frank Darabont) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  9. 12 Angry Men (Drama/Mystery by Sidney Lumet) Badfinger/Max
  10. Alien(s) (Movie Series by Ridley Scott/James Cameron/David Fincher/Jean-Pierre Jeunet) Tao Talk/Lisa

Round Two

  1. Her (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Spike Jonze) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  2. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Romance/Holiday/Animation by H. C. Potter) Badfinger/Max
  3. Grease (Music/Musical by Randall Kleiser) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  4. Mission Impossible (Movie Series by Brian De Palma/John Woo/J. J. Abrams/Brad Bird/Christopher McQuarrie) Reely/Bernie
  5. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Action/Adventure/Thriller by Wes Anderson) Tao Talk/Lisa
  6. Baltimore (Movie Series by Barry Levinson) Music City/Mike
  7. Birds of Prey (Comedy by Cathy Yan) Ghost Dog/Benn
  8. Inception (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Christopher Nolan) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  9. Loving Vincent (Historical/Biographical/Political by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman) A Sound Day/Dave
  10. The Seven Up Series (Documentary/Sports by Paul Almond/Michael Apted) Hanspostcard/Ron

Round Three

  1. Neighbors (Comedy by John G. Avildson) Music City/Mike
  2. Drive (Crime/Film Noir by Nicolas Winding Refn) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  3. They Shall Not Grow Old (Documentary/Sports by Peter Jackson) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  4. The Greatest Showman (Music/Musical by Michael Gracey) Reely/Bernie
  5. The Other Side of the Mountain (Documentary/Sports by Larry Peerce) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  6. Citizen Kane (Drama/Mystery by Orson Welles) Hanspostcard/Ron
  7. A Star is Born (Music/Musical by Bradley Cooper) Ghost Dog/Benn
  8. Catch Me If You Can (Crime/Film Noir by Steven Spielberg) A Sound Day/Dave
  9. The Proposition (Western/War by John Hillcoat) Tao Talk/Lisa
  10. Vanishing Point (Action/Adventure/Thriller by Richard C. Sarafian) Badfinger/Max

Round Four

  1. Hot Fuzz (Comedy by Edgar Wright) Reely/Bernie
  2. Bull Durham (Documentary/Sports by Ron Shelton) Music City/Mike
  3. Rush (Historical/Biographical/Political by Ron Howard) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  4. The Terminal (Comedy by Steven Spielberg) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  5. The Breakfast Club (Comedy by John Hughes) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  6. Sunset Boulevard (Crime/Film Noir by Billy Wilder) Badfinger/Max
  7. Groundhog Day (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Harold Ramis) A Sound Day/Dave
  8. Being There (Comedy by Hal Ashby) Tao Talk/Lisa
  9. Judas and The Black Messiah (Historical/Biographical/Political by Shaka King) Ghost Dog/Benn
  10. Gettysburg (Historical/Biographical/Political by Ronald F. Maxwell) Hanspostcard/Ron

Round Five

  1. The Last Waltz (Music/Musical by Martin Scorsese) Music City/Mike
  2. The Ninth Gate (Foreign/Silent by Roman Polanski) The Hinoeuma/Vic*
    ***3. Ghost Dog/Benn [Missed the Movie Series]
  3. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Hayao Miyazaki) Tao Talk/Lisa
  4. Blade Runner (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Ridley Scott) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  5. It’s A Wonderful Life (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Frank Capra) Hanspostcard/Ron
  6. Bad News Bears (Documentary/Sports by Michael Ritchie) Badfinger/Max
  7. The Great Escape (Western/War by John Sturges) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  8. Rear Window (Action/Adventure/Thriller by Alfred Hitchcock) A Sound Day/Dave
  9. Pans Labyrinth (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Guillermo Del Toro) Reely/Bernie

Round Six

  1. The General (Foreign/Silent by Clydey Bruckman & Buster Keaton) Badfinger/Max
  2. El Dorado (Western/War by Howard Hawks) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  3. High Fidelity (Music/Musical by Stephen Frears) A Sound Day/Dave
  4. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (Western/War by Tommy Lee Jones) Reely/Bernie
  5. Blazing Saddles (Comedy by Mel Brooks) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  6. The Battle of Algiers (Foreign/Silent by Gillo Pontecorvco) Ghost Dog/Benn
  7. Honeyland (Documentary/Sports by Tamara Kotevska & Ljubomir Stefanov) Tao Talk/Lisa
  8. The Princess Bride (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Rob Reiner) Music City/Mike
  9. Stalker (Foreign/Silent by Andrei Tarkovsky) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  10. My Dinner With Andre (Comedy by Louis Malle) Hanspostcard/Ron

Round Seven

  1. La Grande Illusion (Western/War by Jean Renoir) Ghost Dog/Benn
  2. De-Lovely (Historical/Biographical/Political by Irwin Winkler) Tao Talk/Lisa
  3. Chaplin (Historical/Biographical/Political by Richard Attenborough) Badfinger/Max
  4. Brotherhood of the Wolf (Foreign/Silent by Christopher Gans) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  5. Lords of Chaos (Music/Musical by Jonas Akerlund) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  6. Cop Land (Crime/Film Noir by James Mangold) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  7. The Outlaw Josey Wales (Western/War by Clint Eastwood) Hanspostcard/Ron
  8. Ratatouille (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Brad Bird) Reely/Bernie
  9. Pulp Fiction (Crime/Film Noir by Quentin Tarantino) Music City/Mike
  10. Amelie (Foreign/Silent by Jean-Pierre Jeunet) A Sound Day/Dave

Round Eight

  1. The Final Countdown (Action/Adventure/Thriller by Peter Vincent Douglas) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  2. Nomadland (Documentary/Sports by Chloe Zhao) Ghost Dog/Benn
  3. Back To The Future Trilogy (Movie Series by Robert Zemeckis) Badfinger/Max
  4. Sahara (Action/Adventure/Thriller by Breck Eisner) Reely/Bernie
  5. The Final Master (Drama/Mystery by Haofang Xu) Tao Talk/Lisa
  6. The Buddy Holly Story (Historical/Biographical/Political by Steve Rash) Music City/Mike
  7. Woodstock (Music/Musical by Michael Wadleigh) Hanspostcard/Ron
  8. Slow West (Western/War by John Maclean) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  9. Before Trilogy (Movie Series by Richard Linklater) A Sound Day/Dave
  10. Cover Girl (Music/Musical by Charles Vidor) Quinn Maddux/Kirk

Round Nine

  1. Infamous (Historical/Biographical/Political by Douglas McGrath) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  2. Music and Lyrics (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Marc Lawrence) Music City/Mike
  3. Frost/Nixon (Historical/Biographical/Political by Ron Howard) Reely/Bernie
  4. Cartel Land (Documetary/Sports by Matthew Heineman) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  5. Modern Times (Comedy by Charles Chaplin) Badfinger/Max
  6. You’ve Got Mail (Comedy by Nora Ephron) A Sound Day/Dave
  7. House of Games (Action/Adventure/Thriller by David Mamet) Ghost Dog/Benn
  8. Field of Dreams (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Phil Alden Robinson) Hanspostcard/Ron
  9. Natural Born Killers (Crime/Film Noir by Oliver Stone) Tao Talk/Lisa
  10. Lethal Weapon (Movie Series by Richard Donner) Quinn Maddux/Kirk

Round Ten

  1. The Time Machine (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by George Pal) Badfinger/Max
  2. Word Wars/Wordplay (Documetary/Sports by Eric Chaikin & Julian Petrillo/Patrick Creadon) Reely/Bernie
  3. Jesse Stone (Movie Series by Robert Harmon/Dick Lowry) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  4. Logan (Action/Adventure/Thriller by James Mangold) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  5. Zardoz (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by John Boorman) Tao Talk/Lisa
  6. Stand By Me (Action/Adventure/Thriller by Rob Reiner) Hanspostcard/Ron
  7. Le Samourai (Drama/Mystery by Jean-Pierre Melville) Ghost Dog/Benn
  8. Gilda (Crime/Film Noir by Charles Vidor) Quinn Maddux/Kirk
  9. The Answer Man (Romance/Holiday/Animation by John Hindman) A Sound Day/Dave
  10. The Artist (Foreign/Silent by Michel Hazanavicius) Music City/Mike

Round Eleven

  1. Hunger (Historical/Biographical/Politica by Steve McQueen) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  2. M (Foreign/Silent by Fritz Lang) Hanspostcard/Ron
  3. Grosse Pointe Blank (Action/Adventure/Thriller by George Armitage) Music City/Mike
  4. Dead Poets Society (Drama/Mystery by Peter Weir) A Sound Day/Dave
  5. Poetry (Foreign/Silent by Chang-dong Lee)Reely/Bernie
  6. Begin Again (Music/Musical by John Carney) Tao Talk/Lisa
  7. Love Actually (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Richard Curtis) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  8. The Magnificant Seven (Western/War by John Sturges) Badfinger/Max
  9. Queen & Slim (Romance/Holiday/Animation by Melina Matsoukas) Ghost Dog/Benn
  10. Nosferatu (Action/Adventure/Thriller by F.W. Murnau) Quinn Maddux/Kirk

Round Twelve

  1. The Matador (Crime/Film Noir by Richard Shepard) Reely/Bernie
  2. Bad Ben (Movie Series by Nigel Bach) Strange Dylan/Bailey
  3. True Grit (Western/War by Ethan & Joel Coen) Music City/Mike
  4. Tron (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Steven Lisberger) The Hinoeuma/Vic
  5. Tombstone (Western/War by George P. Cosmatos) A Sound Day/Dave
  6. Ondine (Foreign/Silent by Neil Jordan) Tao Talk/Lisa
  7. Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me (Music/Musical by Drew DeNicola/Olivia Mori) Badfinger/Max
  8. Susperia (Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Luca Guadagnino) Ghost Dog/Benn
  9. A Bronx Tale (Crime/Film Noir by Robert DeNiro) Hanspostcard/Ron
    10 Caseblanca /Kirk [Missed Romance/Holiday/Animation]


  1. A thanks to everyone…it was a lot of fun. I watch things a little differently now after doing this.

  2. thanks again to Hans-Ron for organizing it and all my fellow participants. What a great idea it was. I just counted, I had only heard of 67 of them before this began, so there are over 50 brandnew to me and some I had heard of but knew little about. Definitely some are on my “to see” list now.

  3. I enjoyed this for all of the reasons mentioned above and also because it gave me practice in writing lengthier movie reviews. Thank you to Hans for putting it all together which was a lot of work and also to Vic for keeping track of all of the movies.

  4. The Final Countdown, huh? LOL! I neglected to send you the final update. Quinn Maddox did, in fact, post Casablanca and didn’t miss it. I wonder what Movie Series Benn would have chosen…

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