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2021 Movie Draft- Round 11 Pick 3- Hanspostcard selects- crime movie- A Bronx Tale [1993]

First off I’d like to thank all the participants in this project- over the past six months. Its hard to believe its coming to an end- seems like we just started this up- and that was back in early January. In reading the reviews I have been introduced to a lot of movies I have been unaware of- and many of them are now on my ‘must see list.’ I will get out within a week a post- containing all 12 rounds of the draft- and who picked what film. Thanks again to all our movie critics! I hope you enjoyed this.

I love gangster films- and while there are certainly movies in the crime/gangster genre which are more famous than A Bronx Tale- the reason I have selects A Bronx Tale is because it stands out to me as being a different kind of gangster film.

A Bronx Tale is a coming of age story which was adapted from Chazz Palminteri’s play which was largely based on his childhood. Palminteri in the movie plays the local mob boss and Robert De Niro in a role reversal for him at the time plays the young man’s father. De Niro also directs the movie- his directorial debut.

The two men- Lorenzo [ Calagero’s father played by De Niro] are in a fight over Calagero’s soul. Lorenzo sees what is happening with Calagero and Sonny [ the mob boss played by Palminteri ] and is doing his best to stop it. The movie is set in the 1960’s- and deals with the racial tensions of the time when Calagero gets involved with an African-American girl named Jane. What makes this movie different to me as far as mob movies go is- Sonny while certainly a tough guy – he is the mob leader is different from the normal image you have of a mob boss. I will leave it at that- It is a movie I would highly recommend- a very underrated movie.


  1. The lean over and unlock the door test. I used that all the time before car locks became digital. Love that scene and the one when they give those bikers a taste of the mafioso, family style 🙂 Great pick, Hans!

  2. Hans, this is R12 P10, aka the Grand Finale!

    “Would you rather be feared or loved?”
    “I’d rather be feared. It lasts longer.”

    Now that is quite the quote!
    Haven’t seen this one yet but you can be sure I will.
    Thank you for your invitation to be a part of the 2021 Movie Draft. It’s been a lot of fun and I have a lot of new movies on my to-watch list now.

    • I hope everyone enjoyed it- I will this fall and winter once baseball ends try and catch up with some of the ones on this list that I haven’t seen. Interesting list. I will publish the entire list tomorrow.

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