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Hunger 2008

Steve Mcqueen is one of the finest directors of the 21st century. 

I was first exposed to Mcqueen with his film Shame which blew me away with Micheal Fassbender’s performance. The story itself was brilliant with pain and a honest portrayal of sex addiction. 

Hunger is Mcqueen’s first feature film and it is one of the best director debuts ever (even better than Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs). Which is about the 1981 IRA Hunger strike led by Bobby Sands. The brutality of this film is horrific. Prisoners in poor conditions, and beaten to a pulp. Fassbender’s character plays one of the prisoners who decides to go against the police guards by not eating.

A Lot of the beauty and story of this film is the visuals. Barely any words are spoken within the first hour, we go through the pain and suffering with these prisoners together. The film shifts between characters, some minor while Fassbender’s role takes time to fully become the main focus. It feels like this world is alive with people going through these moments and suffering through consequences. 

Micheal Fassbender. Perhaps the best actor of the 21st century is Bobby Sands in this picture. While not going full into the plot, I understand him. Sometimes people misunderstand that an actor is not supposed to completely become the real life person they are portraying (Yet notable exceptions such as Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman do suffice). He becomes more than Sands, he becomes a speaking point of what the strike is. 

It is best to watch this film with no distractions as you need to understand the visual grammar in each shot. Hope you all are well. There is light at the end of the tunnel! 
Stay strong and peace be with you all! 


    • I don’t have trouble watching some types of violence, but prisoner abuse and political starvation is too true to life and it’s haunting to know it really happened. I remember seeing Tom Hardy as Bronson and even though the movie is excellent it’s difficult even now to forget its brutality.

    • I’m just way too sensitive to watch too much cruelty & gore. I understand that there is a story to be told and an art form to be presented but, there is only so much I can take. Even as a teen, I couldn’t go with buddies to slasher flicks. They’d munch on popcorn and I wanted to crawl under my seat.

    • Taboo? Heck yes! Waiting for them to make another season of it. Have you seen him in Peaky Blinders? (I’m assuming at this point we’re talking about Tom Hardy.)

  1. It’s a very tough watch, but it’s one of those fascinating, self-sacrifice kind of movies in which the star (love Michael!) throws away all self-preservation and gives everything to the role. I think because it was a small, indie film, it didn’t get the attention it deserved. Luckily, both Fassbender and McQueen are more appreciated today 🙂 Great pick!

  2. I love Fassbender. He did well, taking the baton from Ian McKellen (even if Hollyweird screwed up the character). This looks interesting but, I would have difficulty with it.

  3. Kind of agree with Hinoeuma, doesn’t seem like one I would enjoy much but it’s cool that it tells an important story. i didn’t realize McQueen was a director!

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