Happy Birthday to Former Sox All-Star Carlos May | by Chicago White Sox |  Inside the White Sox

This morning when I looked at the date- and saw it was May 17th- the first thing I thought of was- Carlos May Day. Carlos May wore his birth date on the back of his uniform- May 17. He turns 73 years old today.

Carlos May played in the major leagues from 1968-1977- mainly with the Chicago White Sox before finishing up with the New York Yankees and California Angels.

In 1969 May was serving in the Marine Reserves at Camp Pendleton when he suffered what could have been a career ending injury. He was cleaning a mortar when it fired causing a partial amputation of his right thumb. He overcame this injury and was The Sporting News American League Rookie of the Year in 1970. He would make the All-Star team twice in his career.

Carlos May was the younger brother of Lee May- who played eighteen years in the major leagues-for the Reds, Astros, Orioles and Royals- Lee was the better ballplayer of the two- not Hall of Fame quality but was a star. Carlos and Lee May were the first brothers to play against each other in an All-Star Game.

Carlos May Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac


  1. Growing up in Chicago and being a White Sox fan, I remember his years with the Pale Hose fondly. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the official Rookie of the Year (he came in third in ’69; had he not had the accident, he would have won pretty easily). The team in ’72 was the best I had seen, with May, Dick Allen, Bill Melton, Ed Herrmann, Wilbur Wood (the one-man pitching rotation), and two young pitchers, Terry Forster and Goose Gossage (who was a starter that year). Of course, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory… oh well, you can’t have everything. Those red unis were my favorites of all time, too.

  2. I remember him from the 70s… a good reliable player. not superstar, but in school grade terms, a solid “B” student. But wow – poor dude losing the thumb like that! Guess it could’ve been worse though.

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