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Logan (2017) – action film
I remember sneaking into the cinema to watch this with a friend of mine because we were not 17th yet. To this day, I consider it the best superhero film of all time. 
Aside from the other X men, Wolverine is undoubtedly the most intriguing to audience members. Hugh Jackmen is Wolverine and no one else will ever be able to play the character in the spirit as Hugh has. The wolverine trilogy has some great moments, but I really consider Logan the must watch out of all X Men films. 
Set in a dystopian future, Logan is awakened by thugs who try to steal his car. A bloody battle occurs and we are reminded that this is not a real superhero flick. Limbs are chopped off as blood splatters against the sand. Logan is a alcoholic as well with extensive drinking and a sailor mouth to boot. 
Without going into the plot as much, I will say that this film was needed. Yes, Watchmen and Deadpool were nice additions to the R rated comic book collection. But Logan did something more. It was significant because it took a well beloved actor with history and gave him a fitting conclusion. 
The little girl (or known as X-23) that appears and is played by  Dafne Keen is splendid. The chemistry between Logan and X-23 is amazing and quite heartwarming as well. But the chemistry between Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Logan is something else entirely. It feels like a friendship that has ran its course for too long. 
Logan will be my favorite comic book film for a long time and I doubt any other comic book film will be able to do the same. 


  1. Excellent pic! I consider this and The Dark Knight more than a comic book/superhero trope. I prefer less campy, CGI-splattered approaches like this one! Logan captures everything in the book, I think 🙂

  2. I have been a Marvel fan for years, X-Men in particular. Even though Wolverine is only 5′ 3″ in the comics, Hugh Jackman brought him to life as a 6′ 2″ monster. I found this hard to watch but, it is a fitting end to the wildman. It was known that he aged very slowly but, wouldn’t live forever.

    Marvel has some canon issues, though, regarding the films (don’t get me started on the comics and all the retcon messes). According to the first trilogy, Professor X was vaporized by Jean Grey/Phoenix (with no follow up to his hinted return). I did not enjoy seeing his character turned into a pitiful old man with dementia.

    I caught this, again, a couple of weeks ago…and cried…again. Both he and Patrick Stewart share a Guinness World Record together:

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