1971 Baseball Card Update: 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (1st): 97-65, .599, 7UP  - WORLD CHAMPIONS

1971 Pirates Profiles- I was wrong, I was wrong- last week in profiling Rimp Lanier I made a comment about how Lanier was the most obscure of the 35 players who put on a Pirates uniform in 1971. I take that back- I had memories of Lanier- his nickname- and the fact that he was short and fast. Frank Brousseau a pitcher brings back zero memories other than I have seen the name before and would have associated it with the Pirates.

  • Frank Brosseau was a right handed pitcher- 6’1″ 180. He was born in one of the most unlikely places for a future major league player- Drayton, North Dakota. He went to college at the University of Minnesota and earned a B.A. in mathematics.
  • Brosseau started as an outfielder in the Pirates organization in 1966- but after two unsuccessful seasons hitting in the minors the Pirates switched him into a pitcher. He did well in the minors as a pitcher and got his first call up to Pittsburgh in September 1969- he appeared in 2 games- pitched 1.2 innings in relief and gave up 2 runs on 2 hits- walked 2 and struck out 2.
  • In 1970 it was back to the minors but the Pirates called him up briefly in June 1971 and he appeared in relief and pitched 2 innings giving up one hit in his only appearance. That was it- he was 26 and never appeared in another major league game. Frank Brosseau is still living- 76 years old.