Ranking All Bob Dylan’s Album Covers- #20 to #11.


A black-and-white photograph of Dylan's profile surrounded by a purple starbust


A black-and-white photograph of Bob Dylan


A close-up of Bob Dylan wearing a coat and hat, holding a guitar


Dylan standing, slightly bent at the waist, in front of a stairwell


A black-and-white photograph of Dylan sitting in a rocky field


A greyscale photograph of Dylan's face with the text "BOB DYLAN" at the top left


A painting of a woman leaning against a brick wall and a man in a suit and sunglasses next to her snapping his fingers


A photograph of Dylan seated at a table wearing a top hat and tuxedo


A black-and-white close-up of Dylan's face looking down


Dylan looking down at the camera while holding a guitar, smiling, and doffing his cap

5 responses to “RANKING ALL BOB DYLAN’S ALBUM COVERS- #20-11

  1. ….
    10. John Wesley Harding
    9. Time Out of Mind
    8. The Basement Tapes
    7. Blood on the Tracks
    6. Desire
    5. Freewheelin’
    4. Bringing it all Back Home
    3. Infidels
    2. Blonde on Blonde
    1. Highway 61 Revisited
    Hon mention: Dylan and the Dead

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