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Deep Cuts From 1971: ‘Too Many People’- Paul McCartney. The b-side to the #1 hit ‘Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey’- ‘Too Many People’ is notable because of the jibe it took at John Lennon with the line ‘too many people preaching practices.’ Those two after the break-up were going back and forth at each other in songs. John took offense and of course would answer back- Lennon would respond with ‘How Do You Sleep?’ As a Beatles fanatic I look back and wish both John and Paul could have contained the hurt they felt to themselves.


  1. Did you already check out McCartney’s encore to “McCartney III”, “McCartney III Imagined”? It came out yesterday. While it’s no “Band on the Run” or “Tug of War”, I find it remarkable how prolific McCartney still is at this stage of his career. The man’s turning 79 in June – incredible!

  2. What’s McCartney III Imagined… a remixed version of the MIII or a brand new record? I agree with Christian, that while he’s not put out much that appeals to me in the last decade, it is fantastic that he is keeping busy and still writing and recording.

  3. His first solo effort after the mop tops was “McCartney.” What a great album, with him playing all the instruments using minimal recording techniques and simple songs. His best to date. I prefer to forget the Wings era as it was a bit schlocky. As long as you are able to RAM on, then keep it up Sir Paul.

  4. To be honest, there’s a reason why no one has heard of this song…. we have a complete collection of Beatles’ songs, and I just love the Beatles and individual members ( especialy my mother …) but this particular song by McCartney is just….. ??? WTH

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