Billboard Top 40 Singles 1971: #71:’Love Her Madly’- The Doors. April 10, 1971.

  • Single: ‘Love Her Madly’- The Doors
  • Record Company- Elektra
  • Genre: Rock
  • Written by -The Doors
  • Time: 2:45
  • B-side:’ [You Need Meat] Don’t Go No Further
  • Album-LA Woman
  • Grade: A
  • Peaked at #11

The first single from The Doors final album- LA Woman. Looking back at the album I think this is the third best song on the album behind the title track which wasn’t released as a single and ‘Riders On The Storm’ which hit the charts the day Jim Morrison was dying in Paris.

I had one of those dreams you always remember- 30 years ago. In the dream it was the Grammy Awards and who walks onto the stage- Jim Morrison. He says he had spent the past twenty years hiding out in Africa- and that he was very much alive and that The Doors were back. So far that dream hasn’t came true. Of course there had always been rumors that Jim lives etc.

Another Jim story. When my sister was in high school her best friend was the principals daughter. The principal who I later worked for was a good guy and all but obviously not into rock and roll. Kids were writing on desks “Jim Morrison Lives”- and my sisters friend told her that her dad one day called in one of the secretaries and told her ‘Look up the schedule of this Jim Morrison and have him brought to the office, we have to get him to quit writing on all the desks.’

The Doors from 1967-83 had 16 Hot 100 singles- with 8 Top 40 hits- their biggest being two #1’s “Light My Fire’ 1967 and ‘Hello, I Love You’ 1968.

9 responses to “BILLBOARD TOP 40 SINGLES 1971: #71: ‘ LOVE HER MADLY’-THE DOORS

  1. Maybe he was hiding out in that school! That is where he was lol.
    I always heard in the 80s that he was Billy Idol.

    I wonder what would happen if Morrison or Kaufman or even the big E were found alive. How people would react and if they would get into any trouble? What a story that would be.

    • I got to know the guy and liked him but he was a hoot. In high school- the end of my senior year- he sees me at the prom- and pulls me aside and asks me what school I went to- I told him this school- he didn’t believe me and pulled a teacher into the conversation ‘do you know this young man? ‘Sure Hans is in my class etc.’…. monday at school i am walking down the hall and who is the first person I see- the principal and he starts apologizing- … i mean it was ok….

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