The Rolling Stones – Moonlight Highlight (Glimmer Twins Records G.T.-  008/9) – Collectors Music Reviews

Deep Cuts From 1971: ‘Moonlight Mile’- The Rolling Stones. The closing track on The Rolling Stones outstanding Sticky Fingers album- many critics consider it one of The Stones most under appreciated ballads- Bill Janovitz writes: “Though the song still referenced drugs and the road life of a pop-music celebrity, it really is a rare example of Jagger letting go of his public persona, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the weariness that accompanies the pressures of keeping up appearances as a sex-drugs-and-rock & roll star.”

‘Moonlight Mile’ while credited as a Jagger-Richards song- was one worked out between Mick and Mick- Jagger and guitarist Taylor- at an all night session. Keith wasn’t there and doesn’t appear on the song. Mick Taylor was surprised he was promised a writing credit on the song but when it was released he didn’t get it.


  1. Great song that brings back a memory. When I was a teenager my family went camping on Assateague Island in Maryland. One night I couldn’t fall asleep and grabbed my walkman and went for a walk on the beach. I had “Sticky Fingers” in there and this song came on as I watched the moon over the ocean. It was just perfect.

    • Assateague Island that brings back memories. When I was growing up my family went there 3-4 summers in a row. Haven’t been there in 40 years- I wonder how it has changed [of course I am hoping that it hasn’t]….. I have a Stones memory from there also – we weren’t camping but staying in town- walking back from a restaurant my sister and I were singing “Miss You’- which was a hit at the time–and hearing folks off in the distance getting a giggle out of it.

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