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Billboard #1 Hits: #520: ‘Hard To Say I’m Sorry’ – Chicago. September 11, 1982. #1 for 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: ‘Hard To Say I’m Sorry’- Chicago
  • Record Company- Full Moon/ Warner Bros
  • Genre: Soft Rock
  • Written by Peter Cetera and David Foster
  • Time: 3:42
  • B-side:’ Sonny Think Twice’
  • Album- Chicago 16
  • Grade: C+
  • Peaked at #1 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #4 in UK Singles Chart, #1 in Canada, Ireland and Switzerland.

I liked the Chicago of the 70’s with the horn driven sound, it was something a little different- when the hits became less frequent they changed their style with this one- and I lost any interest I had in their music from here on out. On this single they even brought in session musicians-only two of Chicago’s members played on the song. While I didn’t care for the results of this or future Chicago hits- they were a hit with the public.

4 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #520: ‘ HARD TO SAY I’M SORRY’- CHICAGO – SEPTEMBER 11, 1982

  1. I’m with you, Hans. While I was okay with the occasional ballad, when Chicago started giving up their horn-driven sound for one ballad after the other, it simply became too much to the point where I could no longer stand Peter Cetera. Plus, once they had their success formula, it’s hard for me to say, and I’m sorry, but all of their ballads sounded the same!

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