AMERICAN TOP 40 1971: #58: ‘IF’ -BREAD

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American Top 40 1971: #58: ‘If’- Bread. March 27, 1971.

  • Single: ‘If’- Bread
  • Record Company- Elektra
  • Genre: Wimp Rock
  • Written by David Gates
  • Time: 2:33
  • B-side:’Take Comfort’
  • Album-Manna
  • Grade: B +
  • Peaked at #4

I have poked fun at Bread in the past- and in my mind I do classify a lot of their work as ‘wimp rock’- but I will admit they did what they did- very well. Well crafted songs. I will also say this seemed more their style- their faster songs don’t really quite cut it. They knew what they were good at. The are The Beatles compared to say Air Supply. From 1970-76 they had a dozen singles in a row which made it into the Top 40- their biggest hit was their only #1- “Make It With You’- 1970. ‘If’ has been a favorite over the last fifty years- at weddings.

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  1. The first time I heard ‘If’ I was 7 years old, admittedly it was the Telly Savalas spoken word version that got to #1 in the UK charts in 1975 (we’re a strange bunch us Brits) but a good song is a good song and this is one of my favourites of theirs.

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