Moonlight' Graham played in his only MLB game 110 years ago today |  Sporting News

Great Baseball Nicknames: ‘Moonlight’- Archie Graham. Many of you no doubt have seen the 1989 movie Field Of Dreams. The character in the movie Archie ‘Moonlight’ Graham was based on a real baseball player- and the story from the movie is correct. ‘Moonlight’ Graham did appear in one game playing right field for an inning on June 29, 1905 for the New York Giants- but he never got to bat in the major leagues. Of course the movie and the book have differences in his actual life. It wasn’t at the end of the season like the movie stated and Graham did continue to play in the minor leagues for a while longer. He did go back home to Minnesota and was a doctor- becoming known as ‘Doc’ Graham. In the film they go back to 1972 when they meet Graham but he actually died in 1965 at the age of 88. Archie Graham supposedly got his nickname ‘Moonlight’ because he was as ‘fast as a flash.’

It is interesting how writer W.P. Kinsella came to use ‘Moonlight’ Graham in his book – which became the basis for the later movie. He had received the Baseball Encyclopedia as a Christmas gift from his father-in-law. A few days later he was looking through the book and came across ‘Moonlight’ Graham’s entry. He was intrigued and wrote it down to use in a future story which he did in 1982 with his novel ‘Shoeless Joe.”

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