Al Hrabosky | The Mad Hungarian

Great Baseball Nicknames-‘ The Mad Hungarian’- Al Hrabosky. Al Hrabosky was a major league relief pitcher from 1970-1982 for three teams but is best remembered as the closer for the St. Louis Cardinals, his first team in the 1970’s. He was a colorful player who was a fan favorite. When entering a game he would turn his back to the batter, walk towards second base, he would rub the baseball and rub it between his palms really hard, take a deep breath and then pound the ball into his glove before walking back on the mound and getting down to business. The crowd loved it- hitters did not. Hrabosky also sported a menacing look- he grew his hair long and had a horseshoe mustache. He was one of the first relief pitchers who seemed to bring an attitude to the mound. The Mad Hungarian led the league in saves in 1975.


    • Eastwick looked like he was going to be pretty good one- he had a few years there with the Reds but then fell off.. Yes Sparky loved his bullpen.

    • I assume he damaged his arm, but I don’t really know… he was a big part of the Big Red Machine when they were winning, then just seemed to disappear.

    • I remember his being on the cover of Sports Illustrated after the World Series- can’t recall if it was 75 or 76. Led the league in saves both those years..

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