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Film – Blazing Saddles Director – Mel Brooks Writer – Mel Brooks, Norman Steinberg, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor, Alan Uger Stars – Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Mel Brooks Category – Comedy Year – 1974 Budget: $2,600,000 (estimated) Gross USA: $119,601,481


A couple of caveats before we start this review – if you are part of the ‘woke’ movement, just move right along to tomorrows pick from someone else. Secondly, enjoy this film knowing full well that there is no chance of this film being greenlit today by a studio.

Also, this will likely be my shortest review, as I do not want to see everyone’s fun at this website come to an end, with an argument over this film with people who simply do not get it.

You will notice that Richard Pryor has a writing credit for this film, yes THAT Richard Pryor. He was originally slated to play the role of Sheriff Bart that ultimately landed with Cleavon Little. Pryor’s standup comedy was controversial, and with his reputation, the studios did not want to touch him. Mel Brooks did not want to give up on Pryor, but was ultimately overruled, but could let Pryor help with the script, hence the writing credit.

This film is one of the most scathing indictments to racism in the disguise of hardcore racism. This is film for those that can see through and past the manufactured and racially divisive woke garbage that is what Hollywood is pushing today. I truly wonder where we will be in the not-too-distant future when people cannot recognize BLATANTLY OBVIOUS SATIRE.

Like every Mel Brooks film, this film is a spoof, this time of the western genre. The overall gist of the film is a greedy person trying to profit off people who are merely ‘in the way’ and hiring henchmen to go and move these undesirables out of the way.

What helps with really understanding this film, is knowing all the other films that Brooks was spoofing in this.

This film checks in at just over an hour and a half. It will be time well wasted.

One final note that from the imdb trivia section that goes to show that things have not changed in the film world – When the film was first screened for Warner Brothers executives, almost none of them laughed, and the movie looked to be a disaster that the studio would not release. However, Mel Brooks quickly set up a subsequent screening for the studio’s employees. When these regular folks laughed uproariously throughout the movie, Warner Brothers finally agreed to take a chance on releasing it.


  1. Mel Brooks has made a lot of good movies. Blazing Saddles is one of his best. What better way to get at racism than through satire. Have you ever watched the old Chappelle Show? I love the episode where the blind black guy is the head of the local racist hate group.

  2. It’s difficult to call this my favourite Mel Brooks movie because The Producers exist, but it’s a gnat’s baw hair behind it. It’s a film that needs several viewings to catch all the jokes.

  3. I love this film, which is truly one of the funniest ever made. I remember seeing it in the theater with my sister, and we laughed out loud through the entire film. Have watched it many times since, and the sly humor and biting wit is as fresh as ever. The entire cast was outstanding, but my absolute favorite was Madeline Kahn, who honestly deserved an Best Supporting Actress Oscar at the very least.

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