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Great Baseball Nicknames:’ The Toy Cannon’- Jimmy Wynn. Yesterday would have been Jimmy Wynn’s 79th birthday. He was one of the most underrated players of his era. He played a good chunk of his career with a bad team- the Houston Astros- in a cavernous baseball park-The Astrodome- the worst hitters park in the league. Despite his small size 5’9″ 160- he had a lot of pop in his bat which earned him the nickname “The Toy Cannon.” A three- time all-star-The Toy Cannon played from 1963-77 and hit 291 home runs, 964 RBI’s and had a .250 average. He also had great speed stealing 225 bases in his career. Jimmy Wynn died last March at the age of 78.

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  1. That is a great nickname Hans…I didn’t start watching baseball soon enough to see him play….the replay I remember the most is Joe Ferguson jumping in front of him and making that throw home in the 74 World Series….I think Wynn’s arm was hurt.

    • He was an exciting little player- I always think of him as an Astro- but you are right he was part of that 74 World Series team with the Dodgers near the end of his career. I always thought he is an overlooked player- if he had played anywhere other than the Grand Canyon of baseball stadiums his numbers would have been a lot better…

  2. There was a seat in the upper deck in left field at the Astrodome that had a cannon painted on it. They did that after Jim hit the longest home run to that point, and I don’t know if anyone ever beat that record.

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