Throwback: Catfish Hunter's Perfect Game |

Great Baseball Nicknames-‘ Catfish’- Jim Hunter. Jim Hunter was a county boy from North Carolina. A talented young pitching prospect- he was signed in 1964 after graduating high school by the Kansas City A’s owner Charlie Finley and given a $50,000 bonus. Finley wanted his players and team to be colorful- and he thought Hunter needed a colorful nickname- so at the press conference for publicity purposes he introduced this country boy with the nickname ‘Catfish’-assuming that Hunter growing up had done a lot of fishing. Catfish Hunter would go on to become one of the best pitchers in the American League from the late 1960’s and 1970’s with the A’s and then the NY Yankees. He won 224 games during his 15 year career. The nickname stuck- he was always called Catfish Hunter. I will feature a few more of Charlie Finley’s nicknames as we go on in this feature.

Another Strike Against Catfish Hunter | the Hall of Miller and Eric


  1. I didn’t see him until he pitched for the Yankees. He gave up a lot of homeruns but usually with none on base. He really took advantage of the mistake by the A’s for free agency.

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