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Great Baseball Nicknames: ‘The Human Vacuum Cleaner’- Brooks Robinson. In baseball they award the Gold Glove each year for the best fielder at each position. Brooks Robinson who would win 16 Gold Glove Awards for his play at third base for the Baltimore Orioles. He is generally considered to be the greatest fielding third baseman in the history of the game. He earned the nickname “The Human Vacuum Cleaner’ because of his spectacular play in the field. He was also a pretty good hitter too- not a great offensive player but solid and steady- and was at his best in clutch situations- he hit over .300 during his career in the playoffs and World Series games. As great of a ballplayer as Brooks was- he is said to be even a greater person. He’s one of those few players that you never hear a bad thing about. He is loved in Baltimore. Back when they named a candy bar for Yankee star Reggie Jackson [ who was born on the same date as Brooks-different year] someone wrote that ‘In New York they name candy bar’s after Reggie Jackson but in Baltimore they name their children after Brooks Robinson.’ In fact- I have a friend from the Baltimore area who went to school with a kid who had the name Brooks Robinson.

Tim Kurkjian's Baseball Fix - How Brooks Robinson earned the nickname  'Human Vacuum Cleaner'


  1. I didn’t know he won that many gold gloves…I mean it doesn’t surprise me but wow. I was too young to see that World Series but the highlights are something else.

    • over the weekend i got to that part in the ken burns series- and they have all the plays he made- it was only a 5 game series- but he had a years full of highlights for most players.

  2. ” She’s from Baltimore, what matters to her?’ ‘She’d certainly be a Baltimore Orioles fan. They’re rabid baseball fans’, said Gary. ‘Who do you think she’d like?’ ‘Brooks Robinson. Greatest third baseman ever’. Nora dressed the desk in orioles paraphenalia and added Gary’s Brooks Robinson line to the script'” – conversation quoted in biography of Nora Ephron and how the Annie character became a baseball fan in the film.
    I had his card as a kid, but he was coming to the end of his career when I was getting into the game. Would’ve been something to see in his prime

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