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Great Baseball Nicknames- ‘Stan The Man Unusual’/ ‘Full Pack’- Don Stanhouse. Don Stanhouse was for the most part a journeyman pitcher for ten seasons in Major League Baseball for four different teams. His career win-loss record was a very unimpressive 38-54. Towards the end of his career though-he had a few noteworthy seasons for the Baltimore Orioles in 1978 and 1979 when as the closer for the Baltimore Orioles had seasons where he saved 24 and 21 games. In 1979 when the Orioles went to the World Series he gained a lot of attention for driving Orioles manager Earl Weaver crazy. He had two nicknames- ‘Stan The Man Unusual’- a play on the great Stan ‘The Man’ Musial’s nickname. Stanhouse was a noted flake with his antics and his Harpo Marx hairstyle. During batting practice he would do a primal scream which would entertain early arrivals at the ballpark. ‘Full Pack’ was a nickname he earned for his pitching style which drove manager Earl Weaver to smoke a ‘full pack’ of cigarettes when he came in to pitch. Those two seasons as the Orioles closer- Stanhouse had a habit of coming into games in the late innings with the Orioles usually in the lead- and walking batters he didn’t want to face, getting himself into a jam but usually working his way out of it somehow. Weaver a chain smoker would get nervous and would duck into the runway to the clubhouse back underneath and smoke…sometimes he would be caught on the bench puffing away. Weaver would be quoted of saying Stanhouse was an asshole who ruined his health. 1979 was Stanhouse’s year- he was an All-Star that year. He quickly fell off the table though- after 1979 he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers where he pitched horribly and the Dodgers sent him home. He tried a comeback in 1982 with the Orioles which didn’t take and he was out of baseball.

Orioles pitcher Don Stanhouse was a 'flake,' but 'pretty on the inside' -  Baltimore Sun


  1. I remember him! He couldn’t get anyone out with the Dodgers. They let him go so Dave Stewart could be on the roster and they had to pay him a ton of money left on his contract.
    They were horrible picking free agents…they also signed Dave Goltz from the Twins and he was horrible. The first free agent they signed that was really worth it was Kirk Gibson.

    • Even when Stanhouse had his two good years with the O’s he was constantly walking on thin ice.. the luck runs out sooner or later.. yes that was a bad signing.

    • I went to the one game playoff at Dodger Stadium versus the Astros. Who started that game for the Dodgers? None other than Dave Goltz. By the 2d inning he was out of the game and the Dodgers were out of the 1980 season.

    • I remember watching that game. Lasorda heard it from all sides about not starting Fernando although he wasn’t proven yet at all.
      The next year was my favorite year of the Dodgers…they finally beat the Yankees.

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