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Great Baseball Nicknames- ‘ The Barber’- Sal Maglie. Sal Maglie had an interesting career. After breaking into the major leagues in 1945 with the NY Giants- he jumped to the Mexican League and ended up being suspended from MLB- until 1950 when at the age of 33 he returned to the NY Giants and lead the league with a 2.71 ERA with a record of 18-4. From 1950-52 he won 59 games and lost 18. He ended up playing for five teams in his ten year career but is remembered most for his years with the Giants- and for the unflattering portrait of Maglie’s year as a pitching coach with the Seattle Pilots in Jim Bouton’s ‘Ball Four.’

Sal always looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days- but was given the nickname “The Barber” because as a pitcher he was known for pitching inside to hitters- giving them a close shave. In an era when pitchers were known to pitch inside on hitters- Maglie was one of the pitchers most famous for owning the inside part of the plate. Hitters did not dig in and get comfortable with Maglie on the mound. Close Shave: The Life and Times of Baseball's Sal Maglie  (9780786411894): Szalontai, James D.: Books


  1. He came to the Dodgers for the 56 season when he was older…did well and helped them win the World Series….he was a good pitcher.
    How could I forget about him in 69?

    • I remember a talk show host- who was a Dodger fan back in the 50’s- [quit being a fan of baseball when the Dodgers moved]- talking about how when he was a Giant- Dodger fans of course hated Sal Maglie. He couldn’t believe they’d trade for him etc. He was THE ENEMY.. he said when he went to a game in ’56- and saw Pee Wee Reese walk over near the mound to talk to Sal and put his arm around Sal’s shoulder as he talked to him–that it was a business- Sal was now OK he was a Dodger.

    • Thats a great story. Yea it was pretty serious between teams back then. You didn’t talk to the other team or anything like that. We have been exposed so much to the business now…now I have to admit something…I don’t know how I would have felt if the Dodgers had traded for Reggie Jackson…but I would have adjusted lol.

      I wonder if the host became a Mets fan? A lot of them did.

    • Sorry Hans you said that in the original comment! i just missed it completely. I think many Giant and Dodgers fans did become Mets fans though.

    • A lot of people were bitter… I was thinking the other day- I know to this day O’Malley’s hated in Brooklyn– but he has to go down as one of the best owners in baseball history. He did it the right way as far as hiring baseball men to run the show- what a great organization they had during his tenure as owner… and while he took the blame for the move to LA- I think the blame goes elsewhere -with Robert Moses and NYC politicos.

    • He was backed into a corner. There was not much else he could do. Ebbets field was basically through and the neighborhood also.
      Peter ran it well until he sold it to Fox…That is when it all ended. That is when the manager carousel started etc…

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