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Deep Cuts From 1971:’Long Distance Runaround’- Yes. If you’ve been following my doodlings here over the years you may have noticed that I don’t listen to much of what would be called progressive rock. Just not my bag. The first Prog Rock I remember hearing is the Yes -Fragile album. Back in high school my friend Dan and I pretty much agreed on 99% of the music that we liked/disliked but we differed on Yes. I remember his enthusiasm for this album that he found at a yard sale. He played it for me – no. I borrowed the album and listened to it a few more times. No. He was into early Yes. I can appreciate the musicianship here- and in the genre- but it all seems to be a little overdone and self indulgent for my tastes. Anyway. One of the few Yes songs [and Yes is pretty good as far as Prog Rock goes] that I can listen to is ‘Long Distance Runaround’ from Yes’s fourth album. [ I will admit to this- last year I found the album in the discount bin for $1 and bought it- along with The Yes Album- it put me back a total of $2 but I figure they are worth a total of $2.] Just one more observation on Prog Rock- this may not be true but from my experiences the people that I know personally who like Prog Rock- are all musicians themselves.

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Yes co-founder Jon Anderson wrote the lyrics to this song while allegedly remembering his encounters with religious hypocrisy and competition he experienced in attending church regularly as a youth in northern England. “Long time / waiting to feel the sound” was a sentiment toward wanting to see a real, compassionate, non-threatening example of godliness.


  1. I never got much into prog rock as well. It mainly comes down to Yes and Genesis – and I guess Pink Floyd, if you count them as prog rock.

    Prompted by my longtime music friend in Germany, I’ve also listened to prog rock bands like Gentle Giant, Caravan and King Crimson. While I definitely acknowledge the musicianship, like seems to the case with you, I simply don’t really warm to it.

    • I doubt I have ten albums/cd’s of prog rock in my collection- and that is if you count Pink Floyd and those two Yes albums I recently purchased. Will have to check out those bands you mentioned- I’ve heard of them- and I have listened to a King Crimson album or two- not bad.

  2. I don’t know if I’m a fan of prog rock per se but I definitely love Yes and Jethro Tull music and others considered under that genre. I love falling into it and letting it play around me. Now that I have headphones it’s all that much better.

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