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Billboard Top 40 Hits 1971: #36: ‘What Is Life’- George Harrison. February 27, 1971.

  • Single: ‘What Is Life’- George Harrison
  • Record Company- Apple
  • Genre: Rock
  • Written by George Harrison
  • Time: 4:22
  • B-side: ‘Apple Scruffs’
  • Album- All Things Must Pass
  • Grade: A+
  • Peaked at #10

George Harrison’s follow up single to his #1 “My Sweet Lord” from his magnificent All Things Must Pass album which was released near the end of 1970 [ and deemed the greatest album of 1970 recently by both myself and Introgroove – ]

What is Life- can be viewed at as either a song about a woman or about a deity. George had first written it as a song intended for his friend and 5th Beatle Billy Preston to record. This was another song that George had written in 1969 before The Beatles broke up. Harrison was stockpiling songs at this point and it would pay off with All Things Must Pass- certainly an album on the short list for the title Greatest Beatles Solo Album.

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  1. Correction on my comment above. From wiki:
    Coinciding with the release of the Apple Years 1968–75 box set in September 2014, [which I have!] Harrison’s widow and son, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, held an online competition in which filmmakers were invited to create a video clip for “What Is Life”. The winner would receive a $5000 cash prize and their entry would become the official video for the track, appearing on the George Harrison YouTube channel and other media platforms. In November, Olivia and Dhani selected Brandon Moore of Oakland, California as the winner. Moore’s video comprises dance interpretations by Emma Rubinowitz and Esteban Hernandez of the San Francisco Ballet, filmed in the streets and woods of the San Francisco Presidio.

  2. Fantastic tune, one of his best (and given his output, that means something… it would be hands down the best song for a lot of artists) . I wrote about his ’79 album today and the only bad thing to say about his All Things Must Pass is that it set the bar so high… some of his later work was very good but still viewed in a dim light because it wasn’t AS good as that one.

    • i have said before i think his solo career is under appreciated- you are right that first one set the standard so high it would be difficult for anyone to match it!

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