Maggot Brain (Funkadelic album - cover art).jpg

Deep Cuts From 1971: ‘Maggot Brain’- Funkadelic. The title track from Funkadelic’s third album- ‘Maggot Brain’ is the albums lead off track- and clocks in at over 10 minutes. The song consists of the spoken introduction by George Clinton and the guitar solo by Eddie Hazel. Rolling Stone listed “Maggot Brain” at #60 in their 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. The album itself ranked at #486 on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums Ever list. I must admit I have never heard this ‘song’ until today- and of course haven’t heard the album- but now I am curious. The title Maggot Brain- is said to have come from- Eddie Hazel’s nickname- or a reference to Funkadelic front man George Clinton finding his brothers decomposed body, skull cracked in a Chicago apartment.


  1. While I was familiar with the name Funkadelic and also recall the album cover, I didn’t know this track. It’s kind of cool and the guitar sound is awesome, though generally not something I could listen to every day. But that caveat is pretty much true for most other music.

  2. Reminds me of Gilmour’s long guitar solos. I got through 8 minutes of it before I realized it wasn’t going to change. Good guitar playing! Such a haunting thing for him it must have been, finding his brother that way 😦

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