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2021 Movie Draft- Round 3 Pick 2- Strange Dylan selects- crime/ drama- Drive.

One of the highlights of my film watching career, Drive was the film that made me get into films. Drive stars Ryan Gosling as Driver. Driver is his name throughout this film and not much is known about him. He doesn’t carry a gun, he only gives you five minutes to get your job done, try to get in after the time is up, he’s gone, get in before, he’s all yours. The film is directed by the controversial, yet interesting Nicolas Winding Refn.

The film was met with mixed reviews due to how it was marketed as; shots of high octane action with Ryan Gosling about to plummet a bullet in a goon’s head got all the action’s buff’s ready for a real treat. Yet, there were no real huge action set pieces; the real treat is the story itself.

The film begins with a brilliant opening chase scene shot entirely in the car to give perspective into Driver’s life. Later, the plot sets up conflict between the two characters of Driver and Irene (Carey Mulligan) because of Standard’s (Oscar Issac) return to home. The tension in the second half builds up like a ticking time bomb as more and more is thrown on Driver resulting in some of the most graphic, brutal, and violent kills displayed on screen that rivals Tarantino.

Gosling does not say much in the film, but there is something hidden away in his character that begins to crack as the film progresses. Ron Perlman is pretty good as a secondary villain, as is Cranston for a minor yet significant role, but Brooks stood out the most as the film’s villain. Brooks shaved his eyebrows for the role to exhibit no emotion yet there is a clear indicator of a heart deep within his soul.

The visual and audio aspects are what defines the film. The music by Cliff Martinez soaks the LA landscape with slow rhythmic synths that sound like Brian Eno. The stunning (yet graphic) cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel throws vibrant neon hues into the mix that gives the film it’s Neo noir atmosphere. The film could be played with just the music without the dialogue or sound effects, and the story would be perceived as the same with dialogue. 

I believe Drive is a must see for any film enthusiast who wants a different kind of crime or noir. Everything from the music to the acting helps the story tremendously. The style and substance have a great relationship with one another that builds to a bittersweet ending that reminds us of what a real hero is…


  1. Intense movie and a great acting job by Gosling. I like the way it looked…the surroundings looks like it’s a couple of decades old but it’s set in modern times.

  2. I remember really liking this when it first came out but don’t remember all of the details of the plot. This is one of my older son’s favorite movies. Looks like time to give it another visit (I think it may even be on netflix!) Good pick and good review, Bailey!

  3. An ice cold and slick noir! Gosh, I remember that heartless and bloody execution scene by Albert Brooks. I actually looked up of that could be done, and, well, it can. Gosling is one of my all-time faves, and his string of lineups are stellar. This is a brutally good pic, Bailey!

  4. I vaguely remember when this came out. I haven’t seen many Gosling films. I remember him in Remember The Titans and I just recently saw him in Blade Runner 2049, which was awesome.

    Another one on the list…

    • He was great in 2049, but I will have to admit that he does seem to play the same type of roles (I.E. quiet guy who can be really violent, charismatic jerk with a heart) but he is still a great actor!

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