Billboard #1 Hits: #457: “Too Much Heaven”- The Bee Gees. January 6, 1978. #1 for 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: “Too Much Heaven”- The Bee Gees
  • Record Company- RSO
  • Genre: R&B, Soul
  • Written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb
  • Time: 4:58
  • B-side:”Rest Your Love On Me”
  • Album- Spirits Having Flown
  • Grade: A
  • Peaked at #1 2 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #3 in UK Singles Chart. #1 in Argentina,Brazil, Canada,Chile, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

This was The Bee Gees 4th consecutive #1 in a row- they would end up having 6 in a row before the streak ended. This single was the bands contribution to the “Music For UNICEF” fund. A productive day for The Bee Gees- on an afternoon off from filming the dumpster fire known as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band- they wrote “Tragedy”, “Too Much Heaven” and in the evening wrote “Shadow Dancing” for brother Andy. All went to #1. Robin Gibb would later say “Too Much Heaven” was one of his favorite Bee Gee tracks.

8 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #457: “TOO MUCH HEAVEN”- THE BEE GEES – JANUARY 6, 1978

  1. It’s a nice tune with a smooth sound and great harmony singing. I have to say my recent watching of the “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” documentary has brought new appreciation of the Bee Gees’ music.

    Unfortunately, by the time “Too Much Heaven” came out, the Bee Gees were becoming over-exposed (too much Bee Gees), which ultimately led to a furious backlash – or, as they somewhat ironically put it in their next no. 1 song: Tragedy.

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