Billboard Top 40 Singles 1971: #14: “Mama’s Pearl”- Jackson 5. January 30, 1971.

  • Single: “Mama’s Pearl’- Jackson 5
  • Record Company- Motown
  • Genre: Bubblegum Pop
  • Written by : The Corporation
  • Time: 3:12
  • B-side:”Darling Dear”
  • Album-Third Album
  • Grade: B-
  • Peaked at #2 10 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

The Jackson 5’s first four singles- “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, “The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There” all went to #1. This was the fifth single “Mama’s Pearl” and it just came up short at #2. The sixth single from the group “Never Can Say Goodbye” also peaked at #2. They were an gnat’s eyelash away from having their first six singles all go to #1. My grandma always said that she thought the Jackson 5 sounded like mice.

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