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Deep Cuts From 1971: “My Wife” – The Who. One of my favorite album tracks from one of my favorite albums of 1971- “My Wife” was written and sung by The Who’s bassist John Entwistle. In an interview around that time Pete Townshend called “My Wife” the best new rock number on the album. The song is about a guy [John?} who had been out partying and is now in trouble with his wife. “I may end up spending all my money but I’ll still be alive.” – my favorite line in the song. John Entwistle’s songwriting was overshadowed in The Who by Pete Townshend’s but he wrote some very memorable Who songs- “Boris The Spider”, “The Quiet One”, “Trick Of The Light”, “905”, “Cousin Kevin”, “Success Story”- of them all- this is my favorite. It was also the b-side to the ‘Baba O’Riley” single.

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