Hans Plays His Jukebox 45’s

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  • PRINCE: “WHEN DOVES CRY”/ B-SIDE: ’17 DAYS’– I mentioned a couple weeks ago when I started this feature that after I quit buying singles- I did in the mid 80’s buy the singles of Bruce Springsteen and Prince for one reason- to get the b-sides-which were not included on their great albums- Born In The USA and Purple Rain. These two were producing such quality work at the time that even their non-album b-sides were outstanding- far from throwaways. “When Does Cry” was the lead off single from Purple Rain- one of this greatest singles ever- and it went to #1. “17 Days”-would a few years later be included along with other b-sides on Prince’s The Hits/ B-sides package but it was worth buying- and not waiting. I think at the time Prince had enough material he could have made Purple Rain a double album.
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  • BOB WELCH: SENTIMENTAL LADY/ B-SIDE:”HOT LOVE, COLD WORLD”- Bob Welch formerly of Fleetwood Mac had a string of pretty good hits in the late 70’s. “Sentimental Lady” was a song that went back to his Fleetwood Mac days- it was on their Bare Trees album in 1972. He dug it out again for his debut album French Kiss. Fleetwood Mac members Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood do him a favor and back him on the new version which went to #8 in the Billboard Hot 100. In 1977 an assist from Fleetwood Mac on your single could do wonders- they were at that moment the premier pop rock band with their album Rumours selling like flapjacks. The b-side: “Hot Love, Cold World” would also end up being it hit. “Sentimental Lady” was the first hit single off of the French Kiss album, “Ebony Eyes” the second would go to #14 and then “Hot Love, Cold World” would be re-released as an a-side and crack the Top 40 at #31. Where “Sentimental Lady” is a love song Welch wrote for his first wife- ‘Hot Love, Cold World” a more hard edge rock song.

Mr. Blue Sky: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra - Wikipedia

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA: “MR. BLUE SKY/ B-SIDE:” ONE SUMMER DREAM:- This single from the E.L.O. album Out Of The Blue -1977. was one I regretted buying- not shortly after buying the single- I went out and bought the album- which I didn’t regret buying. “Mr. Blue Sky” as far as the charts go peaked at a disappointing #35 in the Billboard Hot 100. This is one of my favorite E.L.O. songs and I could never figure out why it wasn’t a much bigger hit. It always sounds great to me in the late fall/ winter here in Ohio where days will go by without seeing the sun. The b-side- “One Summer Dream” came from another album Face The Music. It does have that E.L.O. sound -and has a dreamlike feel to it- like John Lennon perfected. A pretty good song to have on a b-side.

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  1. “Sentimental Lady” is a favorite of mine, always has been. “When Doves Cry” is a good song, and I quite liked it back then but I’m afraid it’s become the new “Stairway to Heaven” (or “Hotel California” if you prefer) as being played into the ground by radio.

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