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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs: #19: “God”- John Lennon. “God” is the best song on John Lennon’s first post- Beatles album- Plastic Ono Band. The album is one of the best post- Beatles albums but it is at times a painful listen. It’s certainly not a fun ride. The thing that stands out to me in this song is that it is one of John’s best and most powerful vocals. The song has three parts, the first part states that “God is a concept in which we measure our pain” then in part two he starts a long list of things he no longer believes in with John’s singing becoming more intense as he goes down the list. The final section is John describing the post- Beatles John- and that all he believes in is “Yoko and Me” Appearing on the song with John is Ringo- and two ‘5th Beatles”- Billy Preston and Klaus Voormann.

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