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All Together Now: Ranking All The Beatles Songs: #200 and #199. This past week in getting this feature underway I ranked the bottom four- #204- “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, #203-“Mr. Moonlight”, #202:”Wild Honey Pie” and #201:”Chains.” Already we have reached the point where I have moved on from songs I don’t like to ones that I am neutral about- I don’t necessary think these songs are great by any means but if I were going to give them a grade I’d give them C’s- of course we will be in the C range now for a number of songs.

Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (24 Amazing Covers Of Classic Beatles  Songs) (2001, CD) | Discogs

#200- ” Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”- The White Album. Another one of those short songs from The Beatles 1968 self titled album. Written and sung by Paul- the only other Beatles performing on the song is Ringo. John Lennon years later would remark that this was a song of Paul’s that he liked- probably because it is the kind of thing John himself would have done at the time. John in fact in his 1980 Playboy interview said that he was hurt that Paul recorded the track without him. This song fits into The White Album because of how the album seems to flow and with 30 songs they are all not gems. I am glad the song exists and I never skip over it when I listen to the album but if The White Album were a single not a double album no doubt this would have been one of the songs that didn’t make the cut.

The Beatles – Honey Don't (1971, Vinyl) - Discogs

#199: “Honey Don’t” – Beatles For Sale. This cover of Carl Perkins rockabilly classic from 1956 is sung by Ringo on Beatles For Sale. Perkins was a big influence on The Beatles and they would cover three Perkins songs in the earlier years- including two on Beatles For Sale. I don’t think any of the covers are as good as Perkins originals but in covering Perkins it did give him exposure and of course inflated his bank account with the royalties he received. Perkins was another artist that The Beatles turned me on to. In the earlier years the song they would have Ringo sing on the albums were usually covers later on it was songs they themselves would write and give to him. I certainly think the songs they wrote for him fit him more than the covers.


  1. I can see now why you’re doing this feature. Not so much for the ranking which is tough but to give attention to each of them. I have to agree, these two aren’t terrible they just aren’t all that good.

    • It took a long time to order them all- and of course the order is still changing a little here and there as I go..

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