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Ranking All 39 Bob Dylan Studio Albums- #16 -INFIDELS [1983] Bob Dylan’s 22nd studio album- Released on October 27, 1983. 4 Stars.

The countdown so far 39- Dylan -1973 38- Down In The Groove -1988 37-Knocked Out Loaded- 1986 36-Christmas In The Heart- 2009 35-Under A Red Sky- 1990 34-Saved- 1980 33-Fallen Angels 2016 32- Good As I Been To You- 1992 31- World Gone Wrong 1993 30- Triplicate 2017. 29- Shadows In The Night. 2015 28- Self Portrait 1970- 27- Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan 1962, 26- Empire Burlesque 1985, 25- Street Legal 1978, 24- Nashville Skyline 1969 23- Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid 1973- 22- Shot Of Love 1981 21. New Morning- 1970 20. Rough And Rowdy Ways -2020, #19- Tempest 2012 18. Together Through Life 2009 #17- Another Side Of Bob Dylan 1964 and now #16 -Infidels 1983.

Infidels was Bob Dylan’s return to secular music after his three evangelical albums- Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot Of Love. This is an album I’ve always loved and have it ranked a little higher than most of the lists I have seen from others. The religious albums had probably run it’s course and its possible Bob’s initial enthusiasm was waning too. Bob is the master of changes- and it was time to go in another direction. At the time no one would have guessed but Bob would soon be entering in the mid 80’s a songwriting dry spell. But that was still in the future.

The opening track is my favorite on the album- “Jokerman”- it would be released as the second single from the album.

The first song from the album that I actually heard was “Sweetheart Like You” which was released as a single and the video got a fair amount of play on MTV [ a television station that once specialized in music videos not cultural trash} Actually that isn’t one of my favorites on the album- it falls in the OK category. My favorites- “Jokerman”, “Neighborhood Bully”, “Man Of Peace” and “I and I.” During this period the songs were pouring out of Bob- and his choices of what makes/ doesn’t make an album certainly come in question- a song which would have been an album highlight- “Blind Willie McTell” was from this period but wouldn’t see the light of day until eight years later as a bootleg series release.

The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews and would be Bob’s highest charting album of the 1980’s peaking at #20 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. It was seen at the time as a return to form- but I did like two of the three religious albums- Slow Train Coming and Shot Of Love.

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  1. This was my official introduction to Dylan. My dad had played his music for years on his guitar, though, otherwise, I really only knew the few songs that were played on the radio. My favorite was/is Union Sundown.

  2. Neighborhood Bully has always been a favorite of mine. I wore this one out when it was released. This album is high up on my Dylan playlist.

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