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Hans Plays His Jukebox 45’s.

{Everytime I Turn Around} Back In Love Again”/ b-side:”Material Things- L.T.D. While L.T.D. had a dozen R&B Top 40 hits they only had two hit the Billboard Hot 100- this being their biggest hit- #4 in 1977 and an earlier song “Love Ballad” #20 in 1976. I was pretty new to being a music fan at the time and this was not the type of song I was used to hearing but it caught my attention and I picked up the single. It is one of those songs I very rarely hear unless I get this single out an play it. They would never have another hit on the pop charts -but from what I read they are still active- having underwent of course many changes in the band over the years. They haven’t made an album since 1983 though.

“An Everlasting Love”/ b-side: “Flowing Rivers”- Andy Gibb. Andy Gibb at the start of his career couldn’t miss- his first three singles went to #1 in the Billboard Hot 100- “I Just Want To Be Your Everything”, “{Love Is} Thicker Than Water” in 1977 and “Shadow Dancing” in 1978- he had yet to turn twenty. His fourth single was this “An Everlasting Love” which peaked at #5. He no doubt sings like a Gibb brother but you wonder how far he would have gotten without his songs being written by brother Barry Gibb who wrote most of them either alone or with the help of the other Bee Gees. It certainly wasn’t cool to admit you liked these singles of Andy Gibb- but they were pretty good records- my favorite being {Our Love} Don’t Throw It All Away” #9 in 1978. Maybe it was too much too soon- you know the story he died at the age of 30 due to inflammation of the heart caused by years of cocaine abuse. The b-side to this the title track to the album “Flowing Rivers” was written by Andy- I listened to it first before looking and guessed correctly that Barry Gibb hadn’t written it.

Jack And Jill album cover

“Jack And Jill”/ b-side: “Get Down”- Raydio. First the b-side “Get Down” lyrically is in the same league as a KC and The Sunshine Band- the lyrics repeated over and over ” get down’ over and over and over and over endlessly- at least KC’s songs are catchier. The A-side “Jack And Jill” is the reason I bought the single though. It turned out to be the first hit by Raydio- the band headed by Ray “Ghostbusters” Parker Jr. Raydio would have 5 hit singles in the late 70’s early 80’s before Parker Jr went on to even greater success in the 80’s as a solo artist.

“Short People”b-side: “Old Man Of The Farm”- Randy Newman. Peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was certainly a controversial song in the winter of 1977-1978. Short people everywhere were up in arms over smart ass Randy Newman’s surprise hit- which reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Maybe part of the problem is- this was Newman’s first and only hit- up to this point he was a highly respected songwriter and something of a cult artist. Newman before “Short People” and the album Little Criminals had released four studio albums and only one cracked the Top 100 in the album chart- Good Old Boys #36. Had people known of Newman’s past work they would have known that he was a wisenheimer known for his satirical lyrics. Newman would say of “Short People”- that the song was about prejudice and the song was written from the point of view of a biased narrator but ” The guy in that song is crazy. He was not to be believed.” Many listeners not familiar with Newman [if they had heard his earlier song “Rednecks” I wonder what they would have thought?}- believed that the song was Newman’s personal view. Note- Randy Newman is 6 feet tall. This was the first song I’d ever heard of Newman’s- I ended up buying the album and his back catalog and every studio album he’s ever made. Great artist I just wish he had produced more- he has been big in the past three decades in the Newman family business- composing music for movies.

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  1. Love love love Randy Newman. In 1970 a DJ I knew at a dinky little AM station gave me the ‘Nilsson Sings Newman’ album, sent to his station by the record company, they didn’t want it. I’ve been a fan ever since and love the old timey & ‘Old South’ flavored things he’s so good at.. ex: Birmimgham, Louisiana, the Ragtime soundtrack. And I like that he’s a smartass-weisenheimer – my dad used to call me a weisenheimer, I’m afflicted… haha

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