The Beatles Top 60 Songs: #29: “Maybe I’m Amazed”- Wings. “Maybe I’m Amazed” would have an interesting life. It was written by Paul in 1969 in the late Beatles days. It was a love song to his new wife Linda who he gave credit to helping him though difficult times. The song came out on Paul’s first solo album the self-titled McCartney album- an album in which Paul played all the instruments. While the rest of his album was recorded at home – “Maybe I’m Amazed” was an exception- it was recorded at Abbey Road. While the song was a popular album cut from the McCartney album and received a lot of air play- it wasn’t released as a single- then. Flash forward to the mid-70’s – on the Wings- Wings Over America Tour- the live version of the song would be on that massive triple live album- and this live version would be released as a single and make it to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It would also later become the only Paul McCartney song from his post-Beatles days which Rolling Stone named on their 500 Greatest Songs Ever list- checking in #347. In 2009 in an interview Paul said that “Maybe I’m Amazed” was the song he’d like to be remembered for in the future.

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  1. Ok…the only McCartney solo song to be included in their 500 list? Band on the Run doesn’t make the cut? I love Maybe I’m Amazed don’t get me wrong but really it shouldn’t surprise me. I never understood why he didn’t release it as a single to begin with. I like the live version but I favor the studio version. One of the best solos he ever did.

    • As I was walking today- I was thinking about that- why no singles from McCartney? To you think- since he ignored the others request about holding off on the albums release -competing with Let It Be- that he didn’t because of the singles from Let It Be? I may be totally wrong but that is all I can think of.

    • That is a good reason…he didn’t want to compete against himself…or he was still in that singles are one thing and an album is another phase…but no…they just had singles from Abbey Road and then Let It Be…so they were breaking from that.

    • Paul never a favorite of Jann Weiner. Maybe that is why.. Weiner is one who insisted a Foreigner song be on the list because he was buddies with Mick Jones… even though it wasn’t voted in. Sounds like he controls the Hall of Fame also.

    • I really don’t like Jann. I mean Rolling Stone had it’s place in history but it hasn’t been relevant in so long.
      I didn’t know about Mick Jones…wow…just wow.

    • It was one of the Foreigner guys either Jones or Gramm he was buddies with. he insisted one of their songs gets on the list and well he was da boss. … yes Rolling Stone should have closed operations 30 years ago.

    • I remember realizing in the late eighties…wow I don’t like who they are covering and half the magazine is advertising and perfume samples…. That newer book about him…he is just totally unlikable.

    • I think he was trying to change with the times or something- either way he lost his old audience and does any one actually buy the magazine anymore? The only time I will is if a Beatle is on the cover – or a special edition. I am a sucker for special editions…

    • Oh I’m bad for the special editions also of any magazine. Right now some magazine has Lennon on the front cover….from around 65-66…I saw it today at the grocery store and meant to get it but I didn’t. I forgot which one.

    • I’ve seen a couple too- I did pick up the Uncut which is a Lennon issue. Reviews every album, lots of stories etc..

    • I’ll grab it tomorrow because we forgot tihngs so cool.
      Off topic: I just started the 150 Glimpses…I’m at the part where he is touring Lennon and McCartneys childhood homes. Pretty funny the lengths those guides go to.

    • I just started it too! In the year in review issue of Mojo they had it as the best music related book of 2020- it goes under a different name in Great Britain- yes that was an enjoyable chapter.

    • I’m looking forward to the rest. That is cool that they recognized it.

      I also got another book…this one will surprise you probably…it did me…and I bought the thing. I got one on of all people…Bon Scott. One of those impulses…I will see how it is.

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