2020 has been an all around terrible year and there were a number of deaths in the movie, entertainment community. I think as far as celebrities go maybe only 2016 tops it as far as famous deaths. TCM does an excellent job every year in their tribute. There were a number of character actors/ actresses that I didn’t know by name but when I saw them- they were instantly recognizable.

11 responses to “TCM REMEMBERS 2020

    • He was ill a number of years ago but recovered somewhat.. sometimes I hear someone is bad off- you don’t hear anything and I think they had passed…

  1. Yeah, that’s probably it. They kinda drop out of view and therefore out of our minds. Oh, well. I knew Kirk Douglas existed. He was not aware of my existence on any level, lol ! So he had a lot more folks thinking about him than I ever will, probably.

    • It is time for them to start rebuilding- the sooner the better. Ben has had a great career- he’ll be a Hall of Famer but it is time for him to retire. They need to realize that next year [with so many free agent losses coming up} that the window has shut on the Big Ben era. The worst record they have had in 50 years is 5-11….if they play their cards right- have a couple good drafts- get lucky in a few years they can turn it around. Of course nothing is guaranteed.

    • Yes Ben won’t play forever- it does appear he will be back next year. I agree they need to draft a QB- I don’t think the next quarterback is on the roster at the moment. Congrats on the Browns fine season. 11-5- they beat their Daddy in the playoffs and they had the World Champions on the ropes.

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