Welcome to Winter. Just moments ago Winter officially began. I used to love winter and cold weather but I realized a couple winters ago that I am now the older I get- am growing to hate it. I have a feeling this winter is going to be- to quote George Harrison ‘a long, cold, lonely winter.” On a positive note- this will be the shortest day of the year- as far as daylight is concerned. Spring begins in 89 days- at 5:37 AM EST on March 20, 2021.


  1. Good song, though I’m torn on whether I like this original or the Bangles cover better to listen to… not as much question as to which one I’d rather see the video for though… 1 of those 2 acts has Susanna Hoffs in there!
    I hated winter up north. I like comfy temperatures but would rather be too hot than too cold, hated the bother of dressing up for winter outside, hated the dreary short days, hated driving in snow or on ice (my deal with that was even if I had a car for awhile and was very good at knowing how it would respond to braking on a slippery surface, there were too many fools around who made no adjustments for the weather to make it safe to be on the roads) . I got together with my sweetie about 7 years back, one of us had to move to do that, so it ended up being me. I think in some ways, it might’ve been better for her to have come to Canada, but i sure do like the fact that now instead, I have Texas winters. Have seen the ground covered with snow I think 3 times since I got here, and it never lasted more than 48 hours. I don’t think she or I could take much to those sub-freezing temperatures up north anymore.

    • That is a tough call but I think I’d rather say with the weather we have here in Ohio than those Texas summers! As much as I am not liking the cold- the extreme heat I find worse. I am a spring and fall type! Give me April/ May and October/ November!

  2. Love this song!

    Re: winter, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where winters are cool and often rainy, but never severe. It snowed lightly twice in the 26 years I lived there, and every winter, I prayed for snow. I moved to St. Louis at the age of 40, and enjoyed the cold and snow the first few years (as well as the tremendous thunderstorms, which I still miss). But I eventually got tired of the cold and dreary winters, and the mess that heavy snows would bring.

    Now that I live in Palm Springs, I love winter, as it’s our best season, with glorious weather. Our blazing hot summers are hideous, however, with daytime temps of 100-120 from late May through early October!

  3. I like winter weather in Michigan up until the tail end of March. Then it gets positively tedious. That said, I do not like the heating bills that start in November and go until April 😦

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