Beatle Paul is getting a lot of press for his new album- McCartney III- but Ringo has a new song out- ahead of a new 5 song EP in the spring. The single “Here’s To The Nights”- features Paul McCartney, Ringo’s brother-in-law Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow, Eric Burdon, Dave Grohl, Chris Stapleton, Lenny Kravitz and others. Pretty good tune- Ringo sounding good at 80.


  1. That is pretty good. Happy to see Ringo doing that..

    Wonder if Paul fought with him about releasing it later lol…a revenge

    • I find it kind of interesting that after all the success he has had- Paul is still concerned about the charts.. about picking a week when another big artist hasn’t released an album to release yours– Taylor Swift this time. He really wanted that #1 album a couple years ago.

    • I guess it’s never left him. He also probably would love to add another #1 for one more decade to his list. I guess it gives him something to shoot for maybe…he has done everything you could do in music.

      Although I don’t think he is trying as hard for number 1 this time.

    • LOL yes…I can see them feeling like sidemen…the worse part was…he is really good at what he does….and they all knew it…that had to make it frustrating for them.

    • He has a tour scheduled for this summer. Surely he’s not doing it for the $$$$… Ringo was a sickly youth- nearly died- and here he is going strong into his 80’s!

  2. This is so wonderful! Ringo tweeted showing he has top single spot and Paul has the top new album spot. Not sure which music service ranking it is, but it makes me emotional. May these Beatles moments never end.

  3. Like someone commented on my post, Ringo’s is nice but not memorable. But more power to him for carrying on and trying to keep creative. His voice and drumming skills are both good for 80!

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