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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs: #50 :”Early 1970″– “Early 1970” by Ringo Starr was the b-side to his great single “It Don’t Come Easy” which was a #4 hit in both the US and UK in the spring of 1971. Written by Ringo- it was originally titled “When Four Knights Come To Town.” The Beatles had broken up a year earlier- and Ringo is singing about his relationships with his former bandmates John, Paul and George. The song is a peace offering to the other Beatles. Ringo also in the song acknowledges his musical shortcomings. The recording does feature George Harrison who was a big help to Ringo early in his solo career and longtime Beatles friend Klaus Voorman plays bass. “Early 1970”- a truly charming song by Richard Starkey.

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  1. This one means a lot as a Beatles fan. I had the single It Dont’ Come Easy with this as the B side. It’s far up there in my Ringo songs.

    • Yes early on I had to track down this single- not only for one of Ringo’s greatest songs- but because I had read about the b-side- and had to hear it.

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