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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs- #51: ” Silly Love Songs”- Wings.

Possibly the most ridiculed song that Paul McCartney written hit over the years has been the #1 hit from 1976 “Silly Love Songs” the 27th #1 hit for Paul as a songwriter. It seems like over the years whenever someone is critical of Paul McCartney and accuses him of writing mush- “Silly Love Songs” is inevitably mentioned right off the bad. The song was written in response to the criticism he received for the critics for writing ‘silly love songs.” One thing I have always kept in mind when it comes to Paul- in comparison with the other Beatles is- Paul was always the crowd pleaser of the group. He is the one who wanted approval. Not question he has been guilty over the years of writing a lot of ‘silly love songs” but for the most part even the silly love songs he has written are appealing to hear. “Silly Love Songs”- ranked at #51 obviously isn’t too high on my list of Beatles solo songs but I’ve always kind of liked it as a guilty pleasure. “Silly Love Songs” was Billboard’s #1 charting single of 1976- which made Paul McCartney the first artist to have year end #1 charting singles for a year -with two separate acts- with The Beatles- “I Want To Hold Your Hand” 1964 and “Hey Jude” in 1968- and then here with “Silly Love Songs”-which spent 5 weeks at #1 in 1976.


  1. Yes, you are so right. McCartney was, and continues to be the “needy” mop top. Ringo was the lovable duffus next door, George, the quiet and serious thinker, and John, the Rebel without a cause and a loose cannon. Quite a bunch. Over the years, I like McCartney less because he refuses to fade out gracefully and accept that he is an old man, not a 60s rock star. Leave a little on the platter for people to remember you by, not a plate of bones. Wings? I don’t know what to say about that pairing. McCartney’s first 2 solo albums,”McCartney and Ram” were heads above anything he did with that group.

    • I took a Beatles Liverpool Tour back in 2003 and the guide I had was very good. He had talked over the years with a number of people who knew them when they were younger and I asked him what impressions did these people he talked with- have about them individually back then- late 50-s early 60’s and with Paul it was– he was a pleaser- always wanting to be liked and telling people what they wanted to hear.. John -was trouble- George quiet and Ringo- he was off the radar at that point.

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