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The Originals: Songs The Beatles Covered: “Boys” – The Shirelles. “Boys” was covered by The Beatles on their debut album Please Please Me with Ringo on vocals. “Boys” was written by Luther Dixon and Wes Ferrell and was the B-side on The Shirelles #1 hit from late 1960 “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.” “Boys” had been a song that The Beatles had used as their drummer’s song for a long time- when Pete Best was the drummer he would sing it during their concerts. Paul McCartney would later say- “Ringo always used to do a song in the show. Back then he had ‘Boys’. It was a little embarrassing because it went, ‘I’m talking about boys – yeah, yeah – boys’. It was a Shirelles hit and they were girls singing it, but we never thought we should call it Girls, just because Ringo was a boy. We just sang it the way they’d sung it and never considered any implications.”