Hans Remembers- Wednesday November 25, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

  • The American League Rookie Of The Year Award for 1970- goes to Thurman Munson the N.Y. Yankees catcher who hit .302 on the season. He received 23 of the 24 first place votes- the other vote went to Roy Foster of the Cleveland Indians.
  • Jazz sax player Albert Ayler was found dead in New York City- in the East River- he had been missing for 20 days. The verdict an apparent suicide.
  • POTUS Richard Milhous Nixon fired U.S. Secretary of the Interior Walter Hickel- Nixon expressed a lack of mutual confidence in the former Alaskan governor.
  • The Marine Midland Band-Western installed ATM machines at a bank in Buffalo, New York-becoming the first in the US to take advantage of a network of 24 hour automated teller machines.
  • Tatenokai militia leader and novelist Yukio Mishima along with four followers took over the eastern headquarters of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in Ichigaya in an attempted coup d’etat. They didn’t succeed- and ended up committing seppuku- a public ritual suicide by beheading Mishima with a sword.