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November 22, 1963 was a dark day in history with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy- and with the assassination the deaths of C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley received little attention at the time. One great thing did happen on this day though- The Beatles released their second album in the UK- With The Beatles. Iconic album cover and great music inside. Of course in November 1963 The Beatles meant little to the average America- in a couple months that would change.


  1. Thanks for reminding me. I have forgotten about the Beatles album release. I was in the 7th grade attending Junior high school in Wichita Falls Texas the day Kennedy was assassinated. We left for Fort Worth Texas that next day to spend Thanksgiving with the relatives. Dark times they were, but unfortunate for us, these times appear to be darker and foreboding.

    • Yes, I was in class. Our teacher wheeled a black and white portable television into the classroom and we listened to the reports ending with the president is dead. We were shocked of course, but we didn’t realize what this meant to the country at the time. School was dismissed early that day. Arriving in Fort Worth the next day, I helped a friend throw his paper route the next morning. The Fort Worth Star Telegram took two people to roll and band it. The largest newspaper I have ever handled. I still have that special addition tucked away.

  2. I have to wonder if the Kennedy assassination help open the doors for America to listen to something British.

    Not that is should have taken that.

    • I do think after the assassination- by early 1964 America was ready for a distraction. As with everything Beatles- including their break-up the timing was just perfect for them to take America.

    • I agree America was in a dark place after the assassination, and the mop-tops were so different from our music, it made us forget for a while. I go to Dallas quite often to visit my grandson and I take the route through downtown to avoid the freeways. I drive past Dealy Plaza and the book depository, which is now a museum. Returning home, I take that same route the motorcade took, and I drive over the X that marks the spot. It gives me chills as I think of that day. The site is a huge tourist attraction and there is always a crowd of gawkers and history buffs there. A friend of mine, a young kid at the time, was there with his parents on Elm Street, near the site when it happened. It affects him to this day. The Byrds recorded a song about the assassination, give it a listen. Dallas was thrust into history that day, and not in a good way. To this day, America still blames the city for what happened there.

    • I’ve been there 5 times- the strangest thing I have ever seen people running out to get their picture taken on the X- and acting like they are at Disney World or something. Driving that route by the Book Depository building I agree is chilling.

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