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2020 Album Draft- Round 14 Pick 5- Box Sets- Cincinnati Babyhead selects Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band- Live 1975-85

A have a few boxsets, not many. I just about pulled the trigger on a Monk set I love but I just did the jazz thing. This Boss set won the day.

Being a Bruce junkie back when this set (5 LPs) was released, I was in hog heaven. At the time his live music wasnt easy to come by. Video of ‘Rosalita’, a ‘No Nukes’ performance of a couple songs, a Xmas song on a kids record. There were a few bootlegs kicking around but Springsteen wasnt happy about that for a lot of reasons, sound quality being one but I think mainly that someone was messing with his music. I stayed away from the bootlegs on principle. He wasnt making any money on his creations. So he released this set. It was time.

People just wanted to have some “Live Bruce”, a snapshot of his performances where he really did his best work. His live shows were an experience and people wanted a chronicle of that. CB being one of them. Not only did I get all the songs I dug but also some that were never released, ‘Because The Night’ (An absolute killer), ‘Fire’, ‘War’, ‘Paradise By the “C”, ‘Raise Your Hand’, ‘This Land Is Your Land’, ‘Seeds’, ‘Jersey Girl’. From the opening cut, Bruce on solo piano doing ‘Thunder Road’ right into a nasty version of ‘Adam Raised a Cain’ (One of the loudest songs I had ever heard live . I love when he wails on guitar and vocals) and down the line it’s a “Bruce and E Street Band Fest”. The record put me back at his shows. Needless to say. I dug it big time. The only way you could hear this music when it was released was buying the boxset (I dont remember it being outrageously priced) or catching some on the radio. Like the title says, it’s performances from a ten year period from 75 – 85. Covering ‘Greetings’ up to ‘Born In The USA’. It’s filled with an abundance of goodness. You also get to hear some of Bruce’s early raps. There’s a booklet with lyrics and a few notes but it is about the music for me.

So now I’m going to turn the controls over to our friend, Hans and let him choose a couple cuts off this record. I’ll be happy with whatever he decides. Thank all of you for making this “Island” thing so much fun. Later, CB.


  1. CB I bought this one when it was released. His stories before the songs are just as important to me as the songs. The one before War always got to me being a 20 year old at the time.
    This box shows how Bruce built his reputation. No one puts in what he does in a live show. Awesome review CB.

    • Dean when you mentioned that name I knew I knew it from somewhere. When I was a kid my father would take me to a place in Kentucky called Beach Bend and they would have drag racing. I haven’t thought of it in years man. I’m almost positive I saw him in the 70’s as a kid

    • If you’re in that country Max, for sure. Those guys like Garlits were the bog boys. Man those are such cool memories. You probably seen ‘The Snake’ and ‘The Mongoose’ also. Prudhomme and McEwen. I dont know id Bruce was bullshitting about being a car guy but he knew those guys.

    • The Snake and Mongoose…yes…bringing back a lot of memories I forgot about…they had a carnival there also year round and we would go over to the track and back to the rides. Now I’ll be looking them up again…I’ve read where Bruce was a big car guy.

  2. A lot of Bruce but he delivered a lot in concert & is one of not so many artists who could pull off a 5 cd set like that without seeming redundant or self-absorbed. A good box & good review!

  3. Aph it might be hard to find a hard copy but other online places should have it (They have everything else). Few years ago I was at a book sale and there was a vinyl copy (real cheap) I didnt pick it up because I had it already. Shows you where my head was at.

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