Dean Friedman - Well, Well, Said The Rocking Chair / Ariel (1979, Vinyl) |  Discogs

Girls! Girls! Girls! “Ariel” – Dean Friedman. So far I have been featuring songs i like in this feature Girls! Girls! Girls!… Yesterday I was thinking what song with a girls name do I really hate – and the first one that came to mind is “Ariel” by Dean Friedman which went to #26 in 1977. I think I have only heard this song a handful of times in the past 40 plus years but it is one of those songs which you hear once- and you remember it–and also one of those terrible songs if you hear it -it is stuck in your head for at least a couple hours. This was Dean Friedman’s only chart hit. File under Dork Rock.


  1. By chance I had met Dean before this record came out, not even knowing he was a musician. When the record broke (and it was big in Jersey) I got to see him live and meet up with him again. Sorry, but I love this song big time!

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