A few years ago, I tried to find a streaming network that offered The Beatles ‘Help’ movie. No luck. I ended up ordering a used DVD through the Amazon marketplace. I thought I was getting a single movie DVD, but what arrived was this. It’s a box set with movie DVD and a 2nd DVD of special features.


Also in the box is a coffee table book of photos and other images from the movie set. Here is the unboxing and various pieces.

Inner box.jpg
Contents wrapped in vellum.jpg
Coffee table book.jpg
Images in book 1.jpg
Images in book 2.jpg
The DVDs.jpg

And, then the pièce de résistance: A copy of the movie script, with someone’s handwritten notes on the pages.

Script cover.jpg
Script inside cover.jpg

Here’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie, and the corresponding pages in the script.

Apartment scene 1.jpg
Apartment Scene 2.jpg

I researched the box set. It was produced in 2007, and it apparently also included some postcards and a movie poster. Those had been removed from my set, but I don’t mind. I got the DVD I wanted and so much more.

Confession: I’m not a buyer of box sets. They typically cost buku dollars and I’m thrifty. So this is just about the only box set I own that would be worthy of this draft. But I think I would have chosen this box set for the draft even if I had quite a few to choose from.

If you want to know more about the ‘Help’ soundtrack, you need only look back at Round 11, Pick 4, where the soundtrack was picked by Badfinger (Max).


  1. We have that movie covered from both sides! I always loved this movie. The color for this film looks so vibrant and more than some modern movies…everything just jumps off the screen.
    They are hilarious also with great music… In that house scene…one day I will get a bed built into the floor! Great review!

  2. In my browser, WordPress photos don’t always show up properly. If you can’t see the photos in this post, I’ve put them in a 1-minute slide show. Here it is. https://youtu.be/xfWVr3Skq5A

    I think this is my final post of the draft, so a big ‘Thank you’ to Hanspostcard for hosting the draft, and to the other participants for all of your enlightening, entertaining posts. It’s been a total blast, and has introduced me to some artists and albums I hadn’t listened to, or listened to properly, before.

  3. Like you, Run-sew-read, I’m not much of a box set collector largely due to finances and also in part because quite a few of them seem excessive to me (which is to say, if it’s an album I like but isn’t in my top 20 or 30 of all-time I probably don’t need extra discs of original demos, a previously unreleased concert disc of it and so on) but sounds like you got a good one there! Pretty cool and must have been a big surprise too- lucky you!!
    Unfortunately as hans points out, seems like the jpgs didn’t come through on my browser, but it’s neat that you did an unboxing type thing.

  4. Even TCM, a channel that shows A Hard Days Night, quite frequently, has not broadcast Help! (not to my knowledge, anyway) Maybe there are copyright issues?

    • It seems to me that The Beatles have managed to control access to their films. They’ll bring one out for awhile and then bury it again for a few years. The most recent ‘re-release’ was Yellow Submarine. I’ve been expecting (hoping for) ‘Let It Be’ to come out at any time.

    • I read that Let It Be is being recut and released as Get Back. I hope they keep GB hidden until after the cinemas re-open. That would be a nice post-pandemic treat.

    • Peter Jackson’s- Get Back was to be released a couple months ago but has been pushed back to September 2021- hopefully things will be somewhat normal by then and it will be released. It is finished- I do want to see it at the cinemas first- not on the telly.

  5. Diana I haven’t seen Help! yet but adding it to the list. Sounds like you got a good deal with that set if you paid for what you thought was just a DVD. Nice write-up and addition to the DID!

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